How to Clear WeChat Data on Android Phones?

WeChat is the most popular chat app for smartphones over the world. It is cross platform and feature-rich. You can find many useful functions in WeChat for iOS or Android, such as Walkie Talkie, group chat, WeChat Moments feed, free voice call, free video call, voice recording, shake, photo sharing, video sharing, Sights videos and so on. You can refer to this guide to see how to post and share videos using WeChat. Unlike many other IM apps, messengers or chat apps, WeChat introduced a new Sight feature to record, post and share videos in both chats or Moments. You can find more details from following link about how to upload and share videos in WeChat Moments. It is a lot of fun to share your life moments with friends and family. The file and documents sharing also makes our work more easier and sufficient. One big problem comes at the same time is the huge storage it may eat up. You will easily find out that its accumulated data is becoming much bigger than the WeChat app itself. To help solve this problem and free up more space on mobile phone for new data and savings, here we will discuss how you can clear WeChat data on Android phones to reclaim storage space.

How to Clear WeChat Data on Android Phones for more Storage Space?

Run WeChat for Android on your phone, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola, Nexus, Lenovo, ZTE or else. Switch to the Me tab from the bottom of WeChat screen. Then choose Settings to open WeChat main settings screen on Android phone like below.
wechat settings for android

Touch General to enter the WeChat General Settings screen as shown in below screenshot.

wechat general settings on android mobile
Select Manage Storage from above screen on Android mobile, you will see the storage usage of your cell phone, including the total space usage of WeChat for Android, the total storage of all other apps, free space on your mobile.
manage wechat storage on android mobile
If the storage still available with WeChat using less than 10%. You do not need to clear WeChat data to free up space on Android phone. Tap on View WeChat Storage, you can find details about the chats and attached files, media files, documents and how much storage they consume on your phone.
delete wechat media and files on android phone

You can select the chat with any specific contact or group, then delete all attached files in the selected chat or group from above chat list. To find out what data contained and will be removed from WeChat, you can tap on the chat entry to browse all files included in the chat. They are mainly the photos, videos, Sights, files and documents you sent,  received and shared through WeChat. You can also select multiple or all these WeChat files or attachments and batch deleted them. Note that you can save WeChat videos, but not Sights. If you like to save WeChat Sights, you can refer to this guide to save WeChat Sights videos on Android phones.
select and delete multiple or all files in wechat for android
By deleting WeChat data and its media files, you can reduce the storage usage greatly and quickly. Another way you can shrink WeChat space usage is to deleted its chat history and all files.

How to Clear WeChat Chat History for more Storage Space on Android?

This is to delete your chats and messages in WeChat, so do it with caution. Only when you are sure you want to get rid of these data can you proceed. There are mainly two methods you can delete chats and conversations in WeChat for Android. Firstly you can go to the WeChat Chats tab, long press on the contact or conversation to reveal the context menu with the option to delete Chat, delete WeChat conversation or delete message thread in WeChat. The is another way to quickly batch delete all messages and files in WeChat. To do that, simply go to the WeChat General Settings screen as displayed above, then select Chat to open the WeChat Chat Settings screen as shown below.
clear chat history in wechat on android phones

You can find the option to quick delete all chat history in WeChat above, simply touch ‘Clear Chat History‘ to delete all messages in WeChat for Android.