Wireless Photo & Video Transfer App for iPhone iPad


Scan QRcode to download the app on iPhone iPad
Scan QRcode to download the app on iPhone iPad

You may never thought the small wifi transfer app can help you share photos and videos among so many devices in such an easy and intuitive way. Photo Transfer App allows you to quickly move photos and videos between your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC using your local wifi network. It is extremely easy to use. Much better and convenient than iTunes and its competitors. For example, if you like to send a movie from iPhone to your wife’s iPad, you two both have the transfer app installed, connect both iOS devices to the same Wi-fi network, run the transfer app at the same time, then you can pick up the movie from your iPhone to send via the transfer app, your wife will immediately get notified to receive or download the movie from your iPhone. It is just that easy. You do not have to use a computer or iTunes. Best of all, the video files sharing over Wi-Fi is extremely fast. You will be shocked at how fast it can help you move photos and videos from one iOS devices to another, from a computer to iOS or the other way around.

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Photo Video Transfer App for iPhone iPad

best iPhone photo video wireless transfer appThere are over 15,000 positive reviews of the wifi transfer app from real users on Apple App Store. With so many happy users, you can go wrong with the Photo Video Transfer App for iOS devices and more.

Photo Video Transfer App Features List:

► Transfer pictures & videos from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to Computer (Windows or Mac)

► Upload photos and videos from PC or Mac to iOS devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch).
All transferred photos and videos will be saved to your ‘Camera roll’ on iOS devices, so you can easily transfer them out to other devices in the future.

► Copy photos and HD videos from an iOS to another, such as iPhone to iPhone, iPad to iPad, iPhone to iPad and vice versa.

► It will not dump your photo metadata in all transfers, EXIF, location and other information will be preserved.

► The photo transfer app will not automatically reduce your photo quality during all transfers. Your HD photos will be synced in full resolution.

► YOu can transfer photos between devices over Wi-Fi. However if you prefer, you can also turn on Bluetooth, and transfer photos between iOS devices using Bluetooth.

► Transfer photo files in RAW formats, other than converting image sources.

► FREE desktop application (transfer companion software) for both Mac and PC users.

► Other than desktop companion software, any web browsers running in Windows, Mac and Linux computers can be used as alternative transfer client on computer side.

► All photos and videos will be transferred directly from device to device using your local wifi network. So you do not need to worry about your privacy and data safety. They will never be uploaed to a remote server, they never leave your local wifi network.

► Pay only ONCE to download this photo video transfer app on your all your iOS devices, just make sure to use the same iTunes account to download the transfer app.

► Extra photo and video sharing features added. The built-in addons help you upload photos and videso to or download photos and videos from Google Drive, Dropbox and Flickr.

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