Scan QR Code using WeChat on iPhone

QR code is one of the most effecient way to send links to smartphones. Nowadays, you can find a lot of QR code scanner app or features in iOS apps if you are using iPhone. WeChat is a really useful app, it can not only help us make free video calls, audio calls, but also share videos on mobile phones, send files to anyone we like. Today we will talk about another useful feature of WeChat. You will learn how to use this instant messaging app to easily scan QR code and open any links on iPhone.

Since iOS 11, the built-in QR code scanner can help us scan QR codes using the stock Camera app on iPhone without any third-party QR code readers or scanners.

Scan QR Code using WeChat on iPhone

Tap to run WeChat on iPhone, go to Discover tab from the bottom of Wechat windows. You can then find Scan QR Code option right below the Moments.

scan qr code in wechat for iphone from discover tab

Tap on Scan QR Code from above screen, you will open the QR scan window as following.

scan qr code using wechat on iphone

Point your iPhone camera to the QR code which you like to scan, align QR code within frame to scan. After that, the QR code will be translated into URL link and open in the WeChat app.

share qr code scanned link through wechat on iphone

If you simply need to read the URL link from the QR code, you can finish it using the WeChat app without even open your web browser on iPhone. WeChat app however offers you extra options to share the URL link or page captured using iPhone camera through QR code. For example you may want to send the link or page to chat to share with your contacts, you may like to share the page on your WeChat Moments, you may want to copy the URL, open in Safari browser, etc. Tap on the share button from the top right corner to reveal all the share and customization options.

Extra Tips on Scanning QR Code using WeChat on iPhone

WeChat has built-in QR code scan feature in different places so users can easily access it. Other than open the QR scan window from Discover tab, you can also open the WeChat tab, then select the + button to reveal and access the Scan QR Code feature in WeChat. See below screenshot.

scan qr code in wechat for iphone

Other than Wechat or QR code scan, there are still other ways you can send links from computer to smartphone.

Update Jan 2018: this article was originally published in 2015. In this update, the native iPhone QR code scanner was added. You can now scan QR codes using the Camera app on iPhone.

5 thoughts on “Scan QR Code using WeChat on iPhone”

  1. WeChat can’t read my bar code. WeChat makes chat migration very hassling and diffucult. This is the only app that adopts this kind of method. Why can’t we just log in on any device and retain our old chats.

    1. make sure connect both phones to the same Wi-Fi network. try to close and restart WeChat, then scan the code again see if any luck.

  2. I change mine phone today I did a back up on all the apps. Mine we chat am finding it difficult to log in on the verification. Scan QR Code above on WeChat I don’t no how to go abou it

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