Send Photos Videos in Original Size through WeChat without Compression

WeChat is the best chat app right now. You can find a bunch of useful features, such as free unlimited texting, voice calls, video calls, stickers, voice recordings, group chats, sight videos, photo sharing, video sharing, documents and files transfer, and many more. This app makes communication so much easier! Even Skype can’t compare to it! It’s way better than WhatsApp. Today we will discuss one of its useful features, the video sharing through WeChat. You can easily send videos through WeChat. To help save your bandwidth or data usage, WeChat can automatically shrink large videos or photos before sending. This can make the file sending much faster. However it will reduce the file size and image quality. Sometimes if you need to send photos in original size through WeChat or send videos in original size through WeChat, you can compress the photos or videos using a file manager on iPhone, Android or other phones before sending the file through WeChat. The one who received your media files can then decompress the zipped file to get the original photos or videos without any data loss or quality loss. Check out details below to see how you can transfer photos and videos through WeChat without compression.

How to Send Photos Videos in Original Size through WeChat?

If you are using WeChat for mobile, you can only transfer files less than 20M each. You can’t exceed the maximum file size limit. So you can’t send very large videos bigger than 20M in original resolution or quality. For most HD photos, short video clips, you can follow below tips to transfer them in full size via Wechat.

Note that you will need to use a file manager on iPhone or Android to compress the videos and photos first. You can’t reduce down the photo size or video size significantly without losing image quality. Here we compress or zip photos or videos before sending them to WeChat, not to shrink photo or video size, but to avoid compression by WeChat. If your video is way bigger than 20M and you still want to send them in full resolution or size, you may consider to trim videos and send them in segments. You can refer to this article to trim videos on Android phone, and this tutorial to trim videos on iPhone. This will split lengthy videos into short clips, thus you get much smaller file size for easier transfer via WeChat or other tools on mobile phones and the video quality does not suffer after editing, you can do it without losing any quality.

Send full images through WeChat on Android & iPhone

This method applies to only photos, not videos. WeChat allows users to transfer or share photos in full size on both Android and iPhone. Go to choose the images or photos in WeChat chat window, do not send the selected photos away directly, find and tap the Preview button, see below figure.

select, preview, send photos via wechat for iphone

The image preview window opens in WeChat like below.

preview, send full images via wechat on iphone

There will be a Full Image option at the bottom left corner if you use WeChat for iPhone. Tap on it to enable full image of the photos or pictures, then preview and send the photos in full size through WeChat. You can also send pictures in full size without compression from Android phone using this method. However if you use WeChat on an Android phone, you may see it differs in appearance.

Send Photos Videos in Original Size through WeChat on Android

If you are using Android phone, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Sony, Nexus, you can refer to this guide to zip files on Android phones. After that you will be able to share the zipped photos or videos via WeChat, then pick up someone in WeChat Chats or contacts list and send the compressed photos or videos. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can find the file in ES file manager or the stock file manager called My Files, then long press the zipped photos or videos, you will find the Share via option to select and send file to WeChat.

send video in original size through wechat on android

Then recipient who has received your zipped photos or videos can’t open these files directly using WeChat. If they are using WeChat for Android, they will be prompted with an ‘Unable to open this file on WeChat’ error and the option to choose and open with the third party app. If they have the compatible file manager installed on Android phone, such as the above mentioned ES file manager, they can read or unzip the files using it.

Send Photos Videos in Original Size through WeChat on iPhone

Apple users can check out this steps-by-step tutorial to zip files on iPhone. This guide provides a free iPhone file manager which you can use to compress and decompress files on iPhone. You can long press the file you want to send via Wechat in the file manager, then choose Open with option, and select WeChat, after that you will be able to select anyone in WeChat and send the selected file to him/her.

send video in original size through wechat on android

Then recipient who has received your zipped photos or videos can’t open these files directly using WeChat. If they are using WeChat for iPhone, they will be prompted with a ‘File type not supported’ error and the option to Open in Other App, then choose the compatible file manager on iPhone to open the zip file or unzip it. FileMaster is a good file manager, you can download it for free from above linked article.

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