Transfer VCF Contacts to Android phone

Do you have the trouble moving contacts from one phone to another? VCF file, also known as vCard file, comes to solve the problem for almost all smartphone users, Android, iPhone, and more. VCF is the commonly-used filename extension for vCards. vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards. A lot of email services, like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, allow you export contacts as VCF files. Email clients, like Gmail, Outlook, Mac Address Book, Windows Address Book, also allow you to export and import your email contacts as VCF files. For example, you can download iPhone contacts from iCloud to computer as VCF file, then transfer the VCF file to Android phone through email. You can freely transfer contacts in VCF files among different phones and computers. In this demo, we will be using a Samsung smartphone to illustrate how you can import contacts in VCF format to Android mobile phones. If you are using an iPhone, you can refer to this guide to transfer VCF contacts to iPhone.

How to transfer VCF Contacts to Samsung, HTC, LG, Moto, more Android phones via Email?

The easiest way to transfer contacts to Android phones and import them to your Contacts on the phone is to send the VCF contacts through email, then import the contacts contained in the VCF file into your contacts list directly from Email. If you have not configured email accounts on your phone, you can refer to this guide to set up Hotmail on Samsung mobile phones, or this guide for general email account configuration on Samsung phones. If you do not check emails often on your mobile phone and do not plan to do so, you can also access your email account from web browsers on mobile.

1 Click Phone Transfer

Send yourself an email with the VCF contacts file as attachment from your computer. Then receive this email on your mobile phone. You can find your VCF contact as attachment on Android phone, see below screenshot.

transfer & import vcf contacts to android phone via email
The easiest way to import VCF contacts to your contact on android phone is to tap on the VCF file directly, then your contacts will be imported to Android contacts list. Note that if you tap on the Save icon besides the VCF file, the VCF file will be saved to the Download folder on your Android phone, you can also import VCF contacts to your phone from there, however this requires extra steps.