The 4 indicator lights on a keyboard explained

On most computer keyboards, there are three or four indicator lights located at the upper right corner. Shape and size of the lights varies from keyboard to keyboard. Some people may not know what are they used for and how to turn off any of these lights or indicators.

#1. Number Lock Key

Unlike those laptop keyboards which usually don’t include a numeric keypad, most desktop computer keyboards, both PC and Mac, have one numeric keypad on the right hand side of the keyboard. There will be a Number Lock or Num key on this numeric keypad. It is a type of toggle key that, when switched on, enables the user to use the numeric keys on the keyboard, and you will see one of those indicators at the upper right corner lights up. Usually you will see the number ‘1’ above or below the number lock key. Press on this key again to turn off numbers input and the lamp goes off; when switched off, enables the use of other functionalities associated with the keys, such as the up, down, left and right arrows.

#2. Caps Lock Key

When you press the Caps Lock or Capslk key, located above the Shift key next to the “A” key on the keyboard, you will see one light is turned on at the top right corner of your keyboard, and usually you should see ‘A’, ‘^’ or similar symbol above or below this light. And you will then input capital or uppercase letters instead of lowercase letters. This key, when turned on, all the letters on your keyboard will switch to capitalized letters.

#3. Scroll Lock key

Sometimes Scroll Lock key is abbreviated as ScLk, ScrLk, or Slk. This key was initially intended to be used in conjunction with the Arrow Keys to scroll through the contents of a text box or webpage. Click on your Mouse Wheel/Scroller, you will see Arrow Keys. Just move your cursor in any direction, it will show arrows. You can press the Scroll Lock key to stop the scrolling of text or halt the operation of a program. You can also press the Mouse Wheel/Scroller again to hide or turn off the arrow keys and stop the scrolling. When you press the Scroll Lock key, you will see the third light turns on and the down arrow symbol ‘↓’ above or below this light. Press on this key again to turn off the light.

#4. Windows Lock Key

Windows key is located on every keyboard. If you press Windows key, you will open the Start menu. Also, you can use Windows key in combination with another key. If you are using a gaming keyboard, you may find a Win Lock key located near above lock keys on the keyboard. If yes, you should press this key to enable or disable Windows key. If not, you can press the Win + FN key combination to turn on or off the Windows lock function and the indicator light, which usually has the ‘w’ symbol above or below it. When the Win lock indicator lights up, the Win or Windows key is disabled. If you found WIN+FN is not working for you, try to press and HOLD the FN key first with the right hand, then use the left hand to press the WIN key while the FN key is still being pressed down.

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