4K Video Recording on Samsung

Samsung is the first one to support 4K video recording on the cell phone. Since Galaxy Note 3, you can shoot 4K videos using your Samsung device. Galaxy Note 3 can shoot Full HD 1080P videos, also 3840×2160 otherwise known as 4K or Ultra HD videos. Except Note 3, you can also capture 4K videos using other Samsung smartphones, such as Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5, etc. The camera in these Samsung devices are really promising, a lot of video shooting mode and capabilities can be found. For example, you can also enable Slow Motion video recording on Samsung.
samsung galaxy photo video shooting

Enable 4K Video Recording on Samsung

Run the Camera app on your Samsung smartphone, switch from the Photo shooting to the Video recording mode, you can then find the Video Size option. By default it the Full HD 1080P video recording will be enabled. If you like to shoot 4K videos on Samsung mobile phone or tablet, you need to change the video size to the UHD 3840×2160 resolution.

enable 4k video recording on samsung

The video stabilisation of the HD is gone when enabled 4K video shooting on Note 3. Since 4K UHD videos have very large resolution, the small movement that occur when shooting the 4K videos can really emphasize them on playback on big monitor. Not all video players or devices can play 4K videos though, as 4K content requires immense processing power. If you have trouble playing 4K content properly, you can downscale the 4K videos at first. It is not only 4K videos captured on Samsung devices. If you are using other camera or cellphones to shoot 4K videos, you will also have the same problem. See another example here: convert GoPro camera 4K videos.

The Galaxy Note 4 has made the improvement. Its optical image stabilization can help you capture much better 4K videos. You do not need to worry about the small handheld movement. The recorded UHD video on Note 4 will not be so shaky as those on Note 3, so you can use the footage for playback on very large screen, such as the 4K UHD TVs. You can play the 4K videos on Ultra HD TV sets, such as Samsung UHD TV, Sony UHD TV, LG UHD TV. See how to play 4K videos on LG UHD TV.

Samsung is the first to add 4k video recording to smartphones, but it is not the only one. We can also see other smartphone manufacturers follow the suit. For instance, you can also shoot 4K videos on Google Nexus.