How to Activate Ringtones on Samsung?

ringtone for mobileRingtone is the first thing you may want to customize when you bought a new phone. Because you do not want a generic ringtone that you can hear just anywhere, such as on the bus, in the metro, at shops, etc. Samsung phones are the most successful Android phones. Chances are a lot of Samsung users are using the same ringtone on their smart phone as yours. In another guide we showed how you can convert all kinds of videos to ringtones for Samsung or convert your favorite music songs to Samsung ringtones, you can refer to this guide for the detailed instructions to make Samsung ringtones for free. Once you have downloaded ringtones to your computer or converted music to ringtones for Samsung, you can follow this tutorial to send your ringtones from computer to Samsung. Note that you can’t just put your ringtones into any folder on the phone. In order to install the ringtones on Samsung you have to put them into specific directory or path on the phone’ storage. If you have the custom ringtones sent to Samsung, Samsung allows you to change ringtones, customize the ringtones easily on the phone, just like you can activate custom ringtones on iPhone. Just follow these steps.

How to Activate Ringtones on Samsung Mobile Phones?

Open the Apps category on your Samsung mobile phone, choose and tap on Settings. You will find Sound in the settings list.

samsung sound settings
Tap on Sound, you will be taken to the sound settings screen from which you can find Ringtone settings under the Ringtone and notifications section on your Samsung phone.
samsung ringtone settings
Your current ringtones on Samsung device will be listed as Device ringtone below Incoming calls. You can tap on the right arrow to open the ringtones’ list change a new ringtone, select a new ringtone and set it as the default ringtone for incoming calls on Samsung mobile from there. You can also change the tones for default notifications from this screen.
activate ringtone on samsung mobile

If you are using a recent Samsung phone model, except system ringtones, you will be able to add your custom ringtones, songs, voice recordings, call recordings, downloaded audio files as ringtones to Samsung mobile phone.
add, change, activate ringtones on samsung galaxy grand prime

From the above screenshot, you can find the Add button which allows you to browse to your media files on the Samsung device, you will be able to browse to, select and enable any custom ringtones, songs, voice recordings, call recordings, downloaded audio files as ringtones to Samsung mobile phone. You can find more details from this link to set ringtones on Samsung Galaxy phones.