Add audio to video in Windows 11

You may want to remove or change the background audio of your video when it is noisy or unrelated. If you are on the latest Windows 11, you can use the built-in video editor, Chipchamp for this job. Some folks may not realize this new video editing tool. It is the heir to the long absent Windows Movie Maker, a discontinued video editing software program by Microsoft. Unlike its predecessor, Clipchamp is a progressive web app, meaning it’s actually a website that acts like an application. You have to create a Clipchamp account or log in to a different supported account, such as a Microsoft account and stay connected to the internet when you are using this web-based app.

If not have it on your PC yet, you can get it in the Microsoft Store. You can use it to edit videos for free, optionally subscribe to an advanced plan to get unlimited online storage and more stock content.

Adding audio to video in Clipchamp

Run the video editor on your PC. From the home screen, you can click Create a new video to enter Clipchamp’s editing interface.

Clipchamp for Windows home screen

You can add clips not only from the local folders, but also webcam, mobile phone, and even from an online media storage source like Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, OneDrive.

to import media to Clipchamp for Windows

Click Import media to browse through your local media album to find and add the video to Clipchamp. Then drag and drop the video from Your media panel to the timeline along the bottom.

Remove background audio or mute video

Simply click the speaker icon above the video clip in the Timeline to mute it. Alternatively right click on the video in the Timeline, the contextual menu appears, choose Audio > Mute.

Add audio or music to video

Click the + Add audio empty track in the Timeline to import audio or music from the audio stock or click Your media > Audio to import audio from your computer to the media library and then drag and drop it to the Timeline to replace the original audio track in the video. You can also go to Your media > Import media to import your own music, audio, sound recordings to the media library and then add them to the Timeline.

Add stock audio or music to video using Clipchamp for Windows

You can repeat the above steps to add multiple audios to the Timeline and drag & drop to reorder them there.

Trim audio

If the audio is longer than the video, you can grab and drag the mouse cursor on the side of the audio clip to trim the track ends.

Click the Export button at the top right section, choose a video quality you like, 480p, 720p or 1080p. Once Clipchamp finished the conversion, hit the Save to your computer button to export it to the Downloads folder on your PC.

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