Add audiobooks to iPhone iPad iBooks without iTunes

M4B is the standard audiobook file format for iPhone, iPad, iTunes. Just like any other content or files, you can use iTunes to sync audiobooks from computer to iPhone, iPad or iBooks. If your audiobooks are in other format, you can’t import them into the audiobooks library in iTunes or transfer them to iBooks app on an iPhone iPad. For example, you can’t add MP3 audiobooks to iTunes or sync MP3 audiobooks to iPhone iPad through iTunes. If you have audiobooks from other sources they may be in different formats, including standard MP3, OGG or AAC formats. Is it possible to add these MP3, OGG or AAC audiobooks to iPhone or iPad? If you do not like the iTunes sync method to get your files from PC to iOS device, is there any other way to transfer audiobooks to iPhone, iPad or iBooks without using iTunes?

This iPhone file transfer is likely the best approach for transferring audiobooks from computer to iPhone iPad iPod if you have audio books that are not already in your iTunes Audiobooks library or your audiobooks are saved in other audio formats other than the default M4B file format. Using this third-party iOS device manager and transfer tool, there is no need for converting audios to standard audiobook format before importing them into iBooks app on iPhone iPad or iPod touch. Check out the steps below.

Add audiobooks to iPhone iPad iBooks without iTunes

Launch the iPhone transfer program on your PC or Mac. Connect your iPhone or iPad to computer using its USB cable provided. The transfer software will recognize your iOS device instantly.

ios transfer for windows

Switch to the Music tab from the top toolbar, then click Audiobooks in the left sidebar. Here you can transfer audiobooks to iPhone iPad, export audiobooks from iPhone iPad to computer, or delete audiobooks from iPhone iPad without using iTunes.

transfer mp3 audiobooks from computer to iphone ibooks using dcfon ios transfer

To add audiobooks from computer to iPhone or iPad without iTunes, you can simply hit the Add button, browse to the folder that saves your audiobooks in M4B, MP3, OGG, AAC or other formats, select and transfer them to iPhone iPad directly. They will be put into the Audiobooks category in iBooks app on your iPhone or iPad.

Add audio books to iPhone individually

When you click the Add button in the Audiobooks tab, you will get a drop-down menu with two options: Add File and Add Folder. You can choose Add File to add audio books from PC or Mac to iPhone one by one.

Batch add multiple audio books to iPhone

To add many audio books from computer to iPhone at the same time, choose Add Folder to select the folder and add all audio books from the folder on your computer to iPhone iBooks.

This is the easiest way to import audiobooks into iBooks app on iPhone iPad without iTunes and transfer mp3 audiobooks to iPhone without converting them in advance.

Update May 2018: this article was originally published in Nov 2017 and has since been updated. we have replaced the old iPhone file transfer with the new iOS transfer in this update.

2 thoughts on “Add audiobooks to iPhone iPad iBooks without iTunes”

  1. > you can’t add MP3 audiobooks to iTunes or sync MP3
    > audiobooks to iPhone iPad through iTunes

    Of course you can add these using iTunes – just import them, then select all the audiobook files, display the information. Under the Options tab, set the type to “Audio Book”. Now you can handle the mp3 audiobook just as any m4b audiobook.

    1. you are right. we can do that by tweaking the ‘Media kind’ setting in iTunes. It is a hidden feature of iTunes. we have already linked to the step-by-step guide in the first paragraph above.

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