Add custom stickers to WeChat for iPhone

WeChat provides a lot of stickers you can use in your chats for fun. You can also download extra stickers or purchase premium stickers within WeChat on your mobile phone. In this article, we will talk about how you can make custom WeChat stickers, add custom stickers to WeChat on iPhone, use iPhone photos as stickers in WeChat.

How to add custom stickers to WeChat on iPhone?

Run WeChat on your iPhone, switch to the Chats tab, then open any conversation from the Chats tab in WeChat. Tap on the Sticker (smile icon) besides the box where you can type in messages, you will bring up the stickers selection menu at the lower half of the chat window in WeChat on iPhone. Press the Settings icon at the bottom of WeChat screen to access sticker settings of WeChat on iPhone, see below screenshot.
wechat sticker settings on iphone
Now the My Stickers of WeChat opens on your iPhone screen.
manage my stickers in wechat for iPhone
From the above screen, you can remove downloaded stickers, add custom stickers to WeChat, purchase and manage purchased stickers and so on. Choose Custom from this screen, you will be take to a new page like this.
add custom stickers to wechat on iphone
Here you can manage existing custom WeChat stickers, add new custom stickers to WeChat, send custom stickers to chats in WeChat. To add custom stickers to WeChat on iPhone, simply tap the Add (+ icon) button to browse to your photo library or Camera Roll on iPhone and then select and add custom stickers to WeChat on iPhone.

How to save custom stickers from WeChat chats to iPhone?

When someone send you interesting stickers through WeChat, you can also download or save the custom stickers from chats to WeChat stickers. Tap on the sticker you like to download, then touch the More options (three dots) at the top right corner, after that you will bring up a menu at the lower section of your iPhone screen, choose “Add to Stickers” to save stickers to WeChat Stickers so you can use them in chats and conversations later. Saved stickers can be found at the Favorite stickers in WeChat. You can scroll down to the bottom and see how to add custom stickers to WeChat chats on iPhone.
save stickers from Wechat chats to iphone

Make custom stickers for WeChat

You can use popular image files, like JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, as stickers in WeChat. They can be photos taken using your mobile phone’s camera or other digital cameras or mobile phone. You can also download custom stickers from websites to your cell phone and then add them to WeChat on your iPhone. To create more professional stickers, you can edit the WeChat stickers using a professional image editor on computer to create stickers on the desktop or laptop first, then transfer stickers from computer to mobile phone. JPG, JPEG, PNG and other files are all static image files. GIF is the popular animated image file format and it is the best file format for WeChat stickers. You can create GIF stickers for WeChat using your photos. For example, you can refer to this guide to convert images to GIF format in Windows 10. You can also convert multiple static pictures to a single GIF sticker for WeChat. See how to convert iPhone photos to GIF below.

Use iPhone photos as WeChat stickers

You can also directly import your photos from iPhone camera roll to WeChat as the custom stickers. Note that, WeChat has some limitations of the file size and resolution of stickers. WeChat for iPhone will automatically shrink the source iPhone photos to the proper file resolution and size. Generally speaking you should make custom stickers for WeChat that are smaller than 300*300px in resolution and less than 40KB in file size. If it failed to crop the photo resolution or reduce its size, you will get the “Image Too Large” error when adding custom stickers to WeChat or use iPhone photos as WeChat stickers. The fix is to convert photos to GIF format on computer, then transfer it back on to the phone and add them to WeChat stickers. Check out this guide to convert iPhone photos to GIF animations on computer, after that transfer custom WeChat stickers from computer to mobile via WeChat for Web, add them to sticker in WeChat, send them to any WeChat chats or conversations on the phone.

How to crop photos to specific size on iPhone?

The default Photos app on iPhone can help you crop photos on iPhone without using any third party apps. However it will not show you the resolution of the photo, thus you don’t know how large is the cropped photo on iPhone. You need to use a third party for the editing of the photos. Check out this guide to resize and crop images to any specific resolutions and size on iPhone iPad. If your photos can’t be compressed by WeChat and you can’t add certain photos to WeChat as stickers, this image resize and cropping tool can help you out.

How to add custom stickers to chats and conversations in WeChat on iPhone?

Run WeChat on iPhone, go to the Chats tab, open any chat or conversation in WeChat, tap the Stickers icon besides the message input box, then tap the Favorite icon to open all your favorite stickers in WeChat, you can find all your custom stickers here. Touch a custom here to add it to chats in WeChat.
add custom stickers to chats in wechat for iphone