Add or delete files in a ZIP file without extracting on Mac

Want to add a new file to an existing zip file on Mac or remove files from zip? Generally speaking, you will have to extract the zip files first before you can add new files to them or delete files from them. If you have multiple ZIP files need to edit, add extra files, or remove unnecessary, duplicate files from them, it could be tedious and time-consuming. Today, we will introduce two third-party archive apps for Mac that can help you edit zip files, add or delete files to or from them without extracting, compressing. 

#1. Add, delete files in ZIP with Smart Zipper Pro

Smart Zipper Pro can create, modify, protect, split Archives on Mac. Run Smart Zipper on your Mac, click Open button from the top-left corner to find and import the zip file you want to edit into the Zipper app. To add new files to a zip, click Add button from the top toolbar, find and add new files to the zip. Then go to save the change from File menu > Save

Smart Zipper Pro for Mac
Smart Zipper Pro for Mac

To delete content or items from an existing ZIP file, click to select the files in ZIP using Smart Zipper, hit the Delete button from the toolbar. Go to Save the change from File > Save.

#2. Add, delete files in ZIP with Bandizip

Bandizip Archiver is the all-in-One Archiver for your macOS that supports all-inclusive compression, decompression, browsing, editing.

It can also allow users to edit ZIP files without extracting or re-compressing again. Run Bandizip Archiver from the Launchpad on your Mac. Hit the Open button in the top right corner. Browse to the folder on your Mac where the ZIP file is saved and open it with Bandizip. You can now preview all files contained in the zip file. Sort the content in ZIP file by name, size, date or type. 

Bandizip Archiver for Mac

To add new files to a zip, simply hit the Add files button to locate and import additional files or content to the ZIP file. 

To remove duplicate items from a zip file, click to select the items in zip, then hit the Delete Files button to remove them from the Zip file on your Mac.

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