Add ePub Books to iPad via Email

How can you transfer ePub books from computer to iPad or from another iOS device to iPad? You may use iTunes for the sync between your computer and iOS devices. However if it is not your own computer, you may do not want to let other to access your iPad. By connecting your iPad with other’s computer, it may not good for your privacy and data safety. In such case, you may find it is difficult to share eBooks with others.

The easiest way to transfer ePub books from computer to iPad, from iPad to computer, or from an iOS device to another is actually the most conventional solution, your email. You can simply attach the ePub files you like to transfer to an email, then open the email on another device and download the ePub books from email attachments to your iPad. Compared to ePub transfer via iTunes, the email transfer method is more straightforward and easier to use. If you want to put the same ePub books on multiple devices or eBook readers, you can simply send the books from your source device to your own email, then download the emailed books to the target device.

Steps to Add ePub Books to iPad via Email

1. Log on your email account, attach the ePub books as attachment, then send yourself the email.

2. Log on the email account on iPad, open the email. See below figure.

download epub from mail to iPad

3. Tap to download the email attachment.

Once you tapped on the ePub files attached, you will see the file icon changes to reflect their property and file type. See image below.
add epub to ipad

4. Tap on the attached ePub books, you will be prompted to open it with an APP on your iPad. Choose to open the downloaded ePub book in iBook which is the default ebooks reader for iOS epub in ibooks for ipad

5. After that, you can find the downloaded ePub books from iBooks >> Collections >> Books.

How do you transfer ebooks from your PC or Mac to iPad? Share with us in the comment area below.