How to add Flash SWF movie to Microsoft Word Document?

Add multimedia elements such as photos and flash to your Word doc can brighten up your work, make your work more impressive. To insert flash animations to Word doc is a bit tricky though. You will have to embed a Flash swf file into word using the control toolbox. See also this guide to add Flash SWF to PowerPoint PPT.

How to insert Flash SWF files into Word documents?

Bellow procedure works with MS Word 2007 and earlier versions. Ready to give it a try by yourself now? Just follow steps specified below to import flash to Word as the “Shockwave Flash Object” under the control toolbox.

flash movie to Word doc1. Show Developer tab in the Ribbon

Click Microsoft Office Button on the top left and click “Word Options”, then choose “Show Developer tab in the Ribbon” and click “OK”.

2. Import “Shockwave Flash Object”

On the Developer tab, click the icon of hammer and go to “Controls” group. Click the icon of hammer and nail for “More Controls” to the “More Controls” window, then select “Shockwave Flash Object” and click “OK”. Then a control square (a box with cross appears) will be imported inside to word. Use your mouse to drag and resize the control(View the sample picture)

3. Please right click the square control and choose “Properties” to open the “Properties” dialogue.

4. On this “Properties” window, enter the full path to the Shockwave file (SWF) in the Movie property text-box. For example, C:\flash\animation.swf .

5. Set “EmbedMovie” to “True”, it should be set to False by default. To make your Flash movie play automatically with the Word document, You also need to set the “Playing” to “True”.

6. Change other properties for the Flash SWF in Word if like. When you are satisfied, click to close the “Properties” window.

7. To preview the Flash in Microsoft Word, you can go to the “Developer” Tab, you should notice the Design Mode button is highlighted (to indicate it’s turned on). You can click Design Mode to turn it off and preview Flash in Word. Or you can simply save and close your Word doc, the next time you open it again you should be able to play Flash in Word.

Why the Flash in my Word doc does not work on a new computer?

Sometimes you may need to copy the word doc over to another location or a new computer. For example, you may transfer it from a home computer to a work computer at your office. In this case, do remember to copy over the Flash files as well. Also as the file path to the SWF file, as specified in step 4 above, may change when you copy it over to a new location or computer. So please open your Word doc and change it to the new location under its properties window. You can refer to above step3 and 4 for the change.

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