How to add Flash to Microsoft Publisher?

Do you use Microsoft Publisher to build your website? To liven up a Publisher website, make your website more attractive, you can add multimedia objects such as images, flash, slideshows.

You can insert a Flash animations into Microsoft Publisher in a similar way to many other HTML editors via HTML Code Fragment object in MS Publisher. Ready to give it a try now? Do as following:

How to Add Flash to Microsoft Publisher?

Flash video to Microsoft PublisherStep 1. Prepare your flash files
You can use Flash Slideshow Maker to create your flash SWF with your own photos.

Step 2. Copy the Flash files to your website directory
Open your Windows explorer, navigate to the website directory where you save your Publisher web pages. Make sure you save the flash animation to the same directory as where you store the HTML files of your web site.

Step 3. Open the web page in MS Publisher
Open the Publisher file in the Publisher application by clicking “File” >> “Open” and navigating to the file to which you want to add the flash to.

Step 4. Add Flas to your web page in Publisher
Click “Insert“, then select “HTML Code Fragment” >> “Insert your HTML here” and click “OK.”

Step 5. Save the web page and publish to internet.

Note: you can use the < object > and < embed > tags to insert a flash object. < object > works for IE browser, < embed > works for most other browsers. If you use above Flash Slideshow Maker, it generates the flash object embedding code automatically. You can simply copy and paste it into your web page as HTML code. If you want to add Flash videos to website, we suggest you to convert Flash videos to HTML5 videos for greater compatibility on all modern browsers, tablets and smart phones.

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