Add HTML5 Video to WordPress

HTML5 based websites have great compatibility on different browsers and devices, so does the HTML5 video. If you plan to upload a video to your website, you may consider to convert it it the HTML 5 video format so you can play the same video on all kinds of devices, mobile phones, Android phones, iPad, iPhone, and many more.

Do I need browser plugin for HTML5 videos?

Unlike flash videos and any other video types that requires a browser plugin or player, you do not have to download and install a player or plugin. Your browser plays the video directly.

use html 5 video websites

How to Get HTML5 videos?

HTML5 video formats are mp4, ogv and webm. Unfortunately there is not such a video format that is support by all HTML5 browsers. So you will have to get different HTML5 formats and versions for the same video. If you have to choose one video of the three, we suggest mp4 video for better video quality and browser compatibility. Bear in mind, this is a new technology, HTML5 is still evolving. We can expect this to change in the future.

How to convert my videos to HTML5 video formats? Here we suggest you to download this video converter below. It can convert your videos into different HTML5 formats, MP4, OGG, WebM.
convert videos to mp4 properly

How to Upload HTML5 Videos to WordPress?

Sign in WordPress dashboard, go into the Media->Library and upload your HTML 5 videos to your WordPress media library. After that, you will get the URLs of them. Copy and save these URLs to your HTML 5 videos, we will need to use it at the next step.

How to insert HTML 5 Videos to WordPress Post and Pages?

Firstly please make sure to switch to the HTML code mode for your WordPress post/page editing. Then you can add the HTML 5 video to your WordPress pages and posts with very simple embed code.