Add Lyrics in iTunes

Normally you do not have to add lyrics to iTunes for a song, especially those music downloaded from iTunes store which should come with lyrics by default. Check out this tutorial to show lyrics in Music app on iPhone. However if you find songs playing on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch do not display lyrics on the screen, you can follow bellow steps to add lyrics in iTunes to your music track.
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Add lyrics to songs in iTunes

1. Run iTunes on your computer;
2. Browse to the song in your music library. Right click on the music track and choose Get Info.
3. Switch to the Lyrics tab. You can type or paste the lyrics to the song there.

add lyrics to songs in itunes

After that sync songs from computer to iOS device, so the next time you play this audio track on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, your device should display song lyrics on the screen as iTunes has store the song’s lyrics.

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Add Lyrics to songs for Samsung phone

Using a Samsung Galaxy phone? You can use Kies to add lyrics to songs and music on computer, then send music from computer to Samsung mobile phone. See how you can add Lyrics to songs using Samsung Kies here.

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