Cannot add MP4 videos to Ulead or Corel Video Studio

Are you using Ulead Video Studio (now also known as Corel Video Studio) to edit videos? Do you have trouble adding certain videos to Ulead or Corel Video Studio? I was trying to reverse a video on computer using Ulead Video Studio. It is a movie clip downloaded from internet. FYI, you can refer to this guide to download online videos to computer. The movie is saved as .mp4 file on my PC. I have tried many times to edit MP4 video files using Ulead Video Studio, so I didn’t expect there could be an incompatibility issue with this mp4 file. It displays error message “Unable to open file” “file format mismatch” [16803:1:2] when I was adding MP4 to Ulead or Corel Video Studio. However if you check the support file formats by Ulead or Corel Video Studio, you will find many videos like AVI, dvr-ms, flc, fli, flx, gif, mov, qt, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mpv, dat, wmv, asf, etc. FLV video format is missed in Ulead or Corel Video Studio support list. Unlike FLV, apparently MP4 is supported, but why I can’t add MP4 videos to Ulead or Corel Video Studio. Here is the video specification of the MP4 source file in problem: file format .mp4, bit rate 4280kbps, video format/codec h264, video size/resolution 1024*576, frame rate 48000fps, audio format/codec aac, sample rate 48000Hz.

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Convert & add MP4 videos to Ulead or Corel Video Studio

I loaded the MP4 video into Video Converter Ultimate and convert it to MP4 using the standard video profile settings and this trick seems to fix the video can’t been added to Ulead or Corel Video Studio issue. Here is the trick if you have the same problem. Firstly add the source video to the video converter, then select MP4 video as output format, after that click the Convert button to convert the source MP4 to the new MP4 file with the presets. Your video will be converted to H264 video codec and AAC audio codec with default settings for bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, etc. You can find more details from this tutorial to convert videos to MP4 format.
convert videos to mp4 format

Note that MP4 is just a container or wrapper. In this case, we have not changed the file extension or format, not even the video codec. However after the conversion, the new MP4 can be added to Ulead or Corel Video Studio without any problem. The only change I have noticed is the downgrade of bit rate from 4280kbps to 1667kbps. Another problem we have noticed is that HD codecs such as h.265, HEVC or hvc1 codec can not be recognized at all. You may try to upgrade Ulead or Corel Video Studio to the latest version see if any help. If you have any videos can’t be imported to Ulead or Corel Video Studio or edited using this video software, including MP4, MOV, FLV, HD videos, or else, you can download above video converter ultimate software to convert your source videos first. Hope it helps!

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  1. Clumsy solution. I move to PowerDirector instead of wasting my time with a conversion that VideoStudio of Corel can’t handle by itself

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