Add subtitles to movies videos using Video Converter Ultimate

In a related guide, we introduced how you can add subtitle to a movie, DVD or video using VLC media player. If your movies do not provide the subtitle or language you want, you can search the movie subtitles online, then download them on to your computer and add them to the movies using VLC media player, Windows Films & TV or other media players. See following guide to add subtitles to movies, videos and DVDs in VLC media player. These movie players however can load subtitles when the movie is being played. The next time you play the same movie again using the same or another different media player, you might need to manually add the subtitles again. They do not actually permanently add subtitles to a movie. There are mainly two types of subtitles, softsub and hardsub. The former is to temporarily add subtitle to movies and videos with the option to show or hide subtitles, the later is to permanently add subtitles to movies without the option to hide them. Today, we will introduce you how to hardcode subtitles to movies, DVDs and videos.

Steps to add subtitle to a movie, DVD or video

We need a subtitle editor for this job. Video Converter Ultimate is a professional video editor and converter software tool, it also comes with the ability to add and edit subtitles for your movies, DVDs and videos. You can download the free trial version of this software below.

Run the video editor on your computer, click Add Files >> Add Files or Add Folder. Browse to the movie or video you like to add subtitles to. Once the media file has been imported to the media editor, click Title >> Add Subtitle, find and add the subtitle file to the video. The video editor currently supports three subtitles formats including *.srt, *.ass, *.ssa. If you do not have the subtitles yet, you can search it online and download it on to your computer. Here are some free movie subtitles downloading sites for your reference, ,,,, etc.

add subtitle to movies & videos using video converter ultimate

If you like to edit subtitles font, size, style, position, color, transparency, trim the video, adjust its parameters like volume, brightness, contrast, saturation, add watermarks to video, customize the style of subtitles, click on Edit to enter the editing screen and make the changes accordingly.

add and edit subtitles for movies & videos using video converter ultimate

Click the icon to add new subtitles to the video. Click the T button to choose subtitles’ font, size, color, style, etc. Drag the Transparency bar to customize the subtitle transparency. Change the subtitles position to Top, Middle, Bottom or use the slider bar to move the subtitles up or down. After the change, you can preview or play the movie or video in real-time using the built-in movie player in the video editor program. Finally choose an output video format and click the Convert button to generate the new video and save as a new file. You can open the Output folder of the video converter to find the new movie or video that has just created. Use a third party media player on your computer to play the new video, you should see the subtitles. Since the subtitle has been hardcoded to the movie or video, you can transfer the movie or video to any device, and play it with any media players without losing the subtitles.