Add text to iPhone videos in iMovie

Do you want to add text, your name, brand name, website address, watermark or any slogan to a video on iPhone? Apple’s own video editor, iMovie can help you with that. In this quick guide, we will show you how to easily add text to videos using iMovie on iPhone. You can also do so to photos in your Camera Roll, see this guide to add text, watermark to pictures on iPhone.

Download iMovie from App Store onto your iPhone if you do not have it already. Launch the video editor on your iPhone. Create a new project in it and create a movie with a video saved in your Camera Roll. At the upper section of the movie editing screen in iMovie, you can see the built-in movie player; at the lower section, you can see the timeline or storyboard. Tap on a video clip in the timeline to bring up the toolbar at the bottom. Choose Text, you can then preview and select a style and position for the text, tap on the video to start type the text you want to show over the video at the background. Finally go to export the video from iMovie to Camera Roll on iPhone.

add text to video in imovie for iphone

How to customize the style of text on video?

iMovie provide very basic text styles you can choose and apply with very limited features. Currently you can’t adjust font size, color, font type, duration. If you do not like a preset text style, choose another one.