How to Add Watermark to Videos?

Are you concerned about the copyright issue of your online videos, like Youtube videos, Vimeo videos or videos on your own site? We know that it is very easy to download online videos to computer, including those from Youtube or Vimeo, let alone your self-hosted videos. It is very difficult to prevent videos from being downloaded and it is almost impossible to protect streaming videos and audios from recording. See the easy way to record streaming videos on computer. In my opinion, adding watermarks, text watermarks, or image watermarks to videos is more feasible. If you watermark a video, people may lose the interest to download or record your videos. In order to protect your online videos from being stolen, downloaded or recorded, we suggest you to watermark videos before publishing them online.

How to Add Watermark to Videos on Mac and PC?

Video converter ultimate for Mac or PC is the most professional media conversion, burning, downloading and streaming tool. It can help you easily add watermark to YouTube video, mobile phone videos like iPhone videos, Samsung videos, or just any other videos on your computer. If you like to watermark videos to protect video copyright, just follow these easy steps.

Step 1. Download video editor software

Just like you can add watermarks to photos or image files, you can also add watermarks to video files. Go to download the video editor program on to your Mac or PC below.

Step 2. Input videos to the media editor

Run the video converter, editor and player software on your computer, go to Add Files to browser to your video sources and load them into the media editor. Alternatively you can simply drag and drop them from your computer folders to this software.

convert and edit videos on computer

Step 3. Add text watermark to videos

Beside each video clip added to the video editor, you can find an Edit button. Click on this button to open the video editing window. When the new editing pop-up dialogue displays, you can see it defaults to the Trim tab where you can trim videos on Mac or PC. You can rotate videos or flip videos in the Adjust tab. To add watermarks to videos, you need to switch to Watermark tab from the top right section, see below screenshot.

add text watermark to video

The watermark could be your name, your company name, brand, website, url address, or your photo, logo, etc. Basically you can choose to add text as video watermark or add image or logo as video watermark. To add your name, company name, product name, brand name, website address, domain name as watermark to videos, choose Text Type, then input the text in the box, click the T button after the text input box to change the style of texts or watermark. You can customize font, font-size, font style, font color, special effects like strikethrough, underline, etc.

Any change you made to the text watermark over video can be previewed instantly in the preview window on the left. You can also click on the text watermark to place it anywhere on the video at background. You can drag the borders of the text watermark to scale up or down the watermark as you like.

Another important feature you can make use of is the transparency of watermark setting. You can drag the transparency indicator to customize your watermark appearance. This is especially useful when the intensity of your watermark is loud and you like to make it soft and translucent. Changing the transparency can blur your watermark and blend the watermark and video together better.


Step 4. Add logo or image watermark to videos

In previous step, we have learned how to add text watermark to videos on Mac and PC computers. To add your logo or image file as watermark or watermark videos with logo or image is quite similar. Click on Image Type, then click the …. button to browse to the folder where your logo or image file is saved on computer. You drag and drop the image water to anywhere you like above the video. You can drag the borders of the image to change its size freely. To bend the image or logo watermark with the video at background, you can change the transparency value and preview the change in the preview windows on the left.

add image watermark to video

Step 5. Output videos with watermarks

Once you added and customize the videos with watermarks. Save the change and return to the main video media software interface. Now you have the option to choose output format. If you have a lot of video files but in different formats, the video editor and converter lets you to convert your source files to almost all major video file formats, such as mp4, mov, wmv, asf, ogv, avi, etc. A lot of people use their mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, to surf the internet nowadays. If you plan to publish the video to your own website, check out this page and see what are the most popular video formats for display on mobile websites. Finally click the Convert button, the new video clips with watermarks will be saved to the output folder of this media software.
Now you know how to watermark a video on Mac and PC computers. Protecting your online videos, such as Youtube videos, with logo, image, brand name or text with this user-friendly video editor is extremely straightforward and takes no time.

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