Add watermarks to multiple photos in batch on Mac

There are many photo editors allow Mac users to add text or image watermarks to their pictures and other image files. You don’t have to use a professional image editor, such as Photoshop, Pixelmator Pro, Affinity Photo, you can simply open the image in Preview, then use the Markup tools to add text watermarks to your image files without using any third-party apps. However most of these watermarking solutions only allow you to watermark images one by one which would take a long time if you have many images need to add watermarks. None of the above mentioned apps is easier than PhotoBulk which support batch watermark. In this quick guide, we will show you how to use this app to add watermarks to multiple photos in batch on Mac.

PhotoBulk is an easy-to-use bulk image editor that lets you add multiple text/image watermarks, resize, optimize, rename and convert hundreds and thousands of images in just one click. Get this bulk watermark app here before we get started. It comes with both free and paid versions. Download the lite version to add text watermarks or go the premium version which supports Text Watermark, Image Watermark, Script Watermark, Datestamp. In this demo, we will use the lite version to demonstrate how the bulk watermark app lets you easily and quickly add multiple watermarks to multiple photos in one time.

Add watermarks to multiple photos in batch

Run the watermark app from the Launchpad on your Mac. Click the + icon or drag and drop images from your desktop or Finder to the bottom pane of the app to add them. You will then see the thumbnails at the bottom pane. On the right hand side, you can preview the images and watermarks. Choose Watermark from the left column, then adjust the Bulk Settings in the middle column. For example, you can choose the watermark type: text, image, scrip, datastamp; choose font, font size, opacity and font styles. Type in the text above the image in the preview window, could it be your name, company name, brand name, product name, etc. Drag to rescale the watermark, rotate it, drag and drop to move it to a different position, etc.

add text watermark to multiple images using PhotoBulk lite for Mac
add text watermark to multiple images using PhotoBulk lite for Mac

When you are satisfied with the result, hit the Start button, then choose output folder to save the images with watermarks on them.

More export options you can choose:

  • Format: it is set to your current image format, you can however change it to JPEG、PNG、GIF、BMP、TIFF.
  • Metadata: you can choose to keep all metadata without any change, delete all metadata, or delete/keep GPS data, Camera Info, Copyright and Contact Info.
  • Bulk rename: set prefix, suffix, the starting number of name sequence.

Bulk Watermarking alternatives

XnConvert: a powerful and free cross-platform batch image processor, editor, converter for Mac, Windows, Linux.

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