Adding music to a video

Do you want to add music to your photo slideshow video? Have you captured any video tutorials and like to voice over the videos? Do you need to change, replace, edit or boost audio in video file? With Filmora video editor, you can easily add songs to a video, mute videos, adjust volume of sound track of any video, add voiceover to videos, edit background sound or music of video and many more.

How to add music to a video?

Run the video editor software on your computer. It comes with two versions for both Windows and Mac users. We will use its Windows version in this demo. Screens and settings may differ in the Mac version.

Step 1. Add video and music to the media editor

Open the video editor up on your PC. Its Media tab opens automatically. Drag and drop the audio file or music and the video to the media editor’s media library. You can also click File >> Import Media to add your songs and videos. Then drag them from the media library to the timeline or storyboard at the lower section.

add audio music songs to video using filmora video editor on pc

Step 2. Preview video

The built-in video player can be found at the top right section. You can preview the video with the background music. Note that since this process may consume a lot of system resources, previewing video might encounter some audio sync issue, but the final result video file should not be affected.

Step 3. Export video

The final step is to choose a video format and export video to your computer hard drive. Click Export button from the middle toolbar. Then choose the target video format, like WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, TS, 3GP, MPEG3, WEBM, GIF, etc. Optionally customize the video profile, such as video quality, video codec, video resolution, video frame rate, video bit rate, audio codec, audio channel, audio bit rate and so on. Finally hit the Export button to save the video to your computer. The new video will be exported to the output folder of this media editor software.

Mute audio in video

When you want to remove original sound track from the source video, you can right click on the video in the timeline and choose Mute. See the instructions to mute a video on your computer.

Adjust volume of the audio in a video

If you like to increase or decrease the volume of source video, the media editor can also help. Simply right click on the video in the timeline or storyboard, choose Edit, you will find option to edit or adjust volume.

Adjust volume of a music item

If you like to increase or decrease the volume of background music, right click on the music track in the timeline, choose Edit, you will find option to edit or adjust volume of background music for the video.

Change the start or end point of the music

Drag the audio or music in the timeline to the point where you want it to start. To set end point of background music, drag the playback indicator on the storyboard or timeline to the point in your song you like it to stop, then right click on the audio track or song, choose Split from the pop-up menu, your song or audio will be split into two parts. Right click on the part you do not want to use in your music and select Delete to remove it. Following the same steps you can also trim the audio to get rid of any part of it.

Voice over a video

If you want to add voiceover to a video, click Record >> Record a voiceover, or click the voiceover button below the video playing window in the video editor. Alternatively you can press the Alt+R combination on your keyboard to record audio. If you prefer the voice recorder or sound recorder software that comes with the Windows system or you have your own audio recorder software on the computer, you can also record sound using it first, then add the sound recording from computer to the video editor and use it as background sound in the video. For example, you can refer to this tutorial to record sound on Windows 10 computer.

Fade music in or out in a video

Right click on the video, then choose Edit, you will find settings to fade in and/or out. To fade background music in or out, right click on the music in the timeline, choose Edit from the pop-up menu, then adjust the fade in and/or out level.

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