Adjust exposure on iPhone iPad to get best snaps

The stock Camera app on iPhone allow you to control the exposure to get best snaps. If you were on iOS 7 and earlier versions, you may already know that tapping anywhere in the preview pane within Camera app will cause the iPhone to automatically focus and adjust exposure to the selected region. This can help you take better photos using your iPhone. For example, if you don’t like the lighting (darkness or brightness) of the image, just tap on different areas until it looks the best. Then take the picture with your iPhone camera. If you have upgraded to the latest iOS 8 on your iPhone iPad, you will find iOS 8 brings some interesting features to the stock Camera app. For example, you can now use iPhone or iPad to shoot time-lapse videos since iOS 8. Another feature many iPhone iPad iPod touch users may like is the separation of focus and exposure settings on iOS 8.

Adjust exposure on iPhone or iPad which is running on iOS 8 or later

On iOS 8, you can still tap on a certain area in the photo preview pane to adjust the focus of the image. But the exposure is no longer associated with the auto focus, now you can manually control or adjust exposure.

Firstly open the Camera app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on anywhere in your photo preview pane to set the focus point you like to highlight, then a yellow square appears around the focus area. To adjust the exposure level of the selection part of an image, slide the yellow sun up and down to make your picture lighter or darker. Tap once on the photo preview to set the focus, and then drag up and down to manually change the exposure. It is just that easy.

adjust exposure on iPhone iPad

Another useful feature is the AE/AF Lock with iPhoneor iPad Camera. If you want to lock in your manual exposure settings, tap and hold on the camera window until you see “AE/AF Lock” appear over the photo preview window on the iPhone or iPad screen, then release your finger and drag up and down the slider to adjust the locked exposure setting. This means that no matter where you move your device, the Camera app will keep the same exposure you set until you tap the screen again to turn the lock off.

Once the photos or videos taken with the exposure settings, you can go to view them from the Camera Roll on your iPhone or iPad. It is a trial and error process to get the best snaps on your iPhone or iPad by adjusting exposure. Keep the photos or videos you like and delete those you do not want to keep. Once you deleted the wrong files on iOS devices, you can refer to this guide to recover deleted photos and videos from iPhone and iPad.

If you did not edit the exposure or lightning settings when shooting the photos on iPad or iPad, you can still use the built-in photo editing feature to edit the light or brightness of a photo.