Air Video App Review

Air Video app provides an amazing video to iDevice solution that lets you watch any videos from your computer on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with ease. It can accept any video format and convert on the fly for a smooth video-watching experience on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It supports mp4, m4v, mov, avi, wmv, asf, mpg, mpeg, mkv, 3gp, dmf, divx, flv, etc.

Do not bother to convert your videos to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch compatible formats on your computer. No need to synchronize your videos from computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This article will show you how to play and watch any movies saved on your computer with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without conversion or synchronization.

Air Video App ReviewTo play your videos on your computer with iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch through Air Video app, you’ll need to set up Air Video Server on your computer (Mac OS X and Windows) first, let it runs in the background, then use iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to access your media files on your computer through Air Video and watch them on your portable devices.

Install Air Video

You can download Air Video from to your computer, Mac OS X or Windows.

Set up Air Video Server

Air Video can share folders on your computer hard drive as well as iTunes playlists. Add your media folders or your iTunes playlists to the Air Video Sever.

In Air Video on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, add your computer to server list. After the server is added you can access your media folders on your computer.

Air Video on App Store – Free version

Air Video on App Store – Paid version

Watching videos through Air Video sever on your iPhone/iPad/iPod is almost as simple as using Apple’s videos app. Not all videos can be played on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone with Air video, like those movies purchased from the iTunes store which are DRM-protected files.

Also the Air Video app will open your computer files up to anybody with the app on your local network, so don’t open access to anything private when adding your media folders or playlist to Air Video. Alternatively you can turn on the optional access password in the app.

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