Use your Android phone as PPT remote control

Movement in a presentation makes you look more confident and adds energy and variety to your presentation. Sometimes you do not want to go back to the computer to change slides when you are showing a presentation on a stage or in a big room. Are you looking for a PowerPoint presentation remove control? There are some apps can even enable you to use your phone as the PPT pointing device. You can simply slide on your phone screen to start your PowerPoint presentation and change slides. Your phone becomes the remote control of your PPT presentation. Shareit is a famous cross-platform data sharing app that works for Android, iPhone, Mac, PC, Windows phone. Most users use this app for file transfer between their devices. However it can do more than just file sharing. For example, it can help you stream or play photos from mobile phone on big computer screen. today we will introduce you another great thing it can help, the PPT remote control.

Control PPT presentation from computer using Android phone

Find and open the PowerPoint presentation file on your computer. Connect the phone to the PC via portable Wi-fi hotspot or personal hotspot. You can create the Wi-Fi hotspot on the PC or phone, then connect to this local hotspot network from the other device. This app can create the hotspot for you automatically so you do not even need to turn it on by yourself. You just need to allow the app to use your Wi-Fi. Follow this guide to share files between mobile phones and PC using SHAREit. At the first half of this linked article, you can find the detailed instructions to connect up your phone and computer via hotspot. It does not require Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or internet connection. Once your phone and computer are connected, you can find several shortcuts at the bottom of the file sharing screen on the phone.

phone ppt remote control using shareit for android

Find and touch PPT Control from above screen, you will open the PowerPoint remote control screen on the phone like below. Once you open a powerpoint on your PC, you do not even need to start the slideshow play. Just tap or slide up on the PPT remote control on the phone to start the PPT slideshow.

To change or switch slides in PPT using your phone is extremely simple. You can tap on your phone screen or slide up on your Android phone to go to the next slide. To go back to previous slide on your computer, just slide down on your phone screen. To change the PPT slides from computer on your phone using this free file sharing app for Android is just that easy.

Android PPT remote control added bonus

Last but not least, when you use this Powerpoint remote control on mobile phone, you can switch to other apps to see the “Notes”, “Memo” or else on the phone as slides are showing on your computer. This can help you deliver better presentation and make you more confident.