Android Phone Recovery’s New Backup Tool

Android data recovery wants its new backup tool to help you keep your files safe by exporting and saving them from phone to PC.
Dr. Phone has been the the first choice, since its initial release in 2013, when people looking for a Android phone data recovery solution. This Android retrieval program supports over 6000+ Android phones as of now and more devices to come in future upgrade. The development team collects feedback from users to improve the software and make it compatible with all popular phone brands and models. A wide variety of file types can be retrieved using this phone recovery, such as your gallery, videos, music, contacts, text messages, call logs, WhatsApp conversations, and so on. Data lost under various situations can be restored. For example, you may delete the wrong files on the phone by mistake, you may reset phone without backing it up, your phone might be infected by virus, your kids may delete apps and data on your phone. No matter how the data loss occur, if the lost data matters and you can’t afford to lose them, you should try this data recovery software for Android. It has the highest success rate in industry and it is not difficult to use. Just check out this tutorial to recover deleted text messages from Samsung mobile, as an example. The process to get back other lost files and documents is the same.

As a data recovery solution, this Android file recovery also faces the recovery success rate issue. People nowadays use and change mobile phone more frequently than ever before. They are looking for new models, new features, large storage space, higher performance, faster speed, more stylish design, etc. We see new phones almost every day. It is impossible to solve thee incompatibility issues with every new phone models. And data on our phones could be removed under very complex circumstances that prevent the data from being recovered. A more effective way to keep important data always safe is to create backups of them regularly.

Now the Android data recovery also has the Android data backup tool to help you secure the important data that is currently saved on the phone. Except retrieving lost data from Android devices, you can also back up existing data on Android phone before any data loss occur.

android data backup restore

Android Data Backup & Restore has been launched. Similar to other mobile phone backup tools, such as Mobile Transfer and Samsung Kies, this new Android backup utility can back up your contacts, messages, call logs, calendar, gallery and photos, videos, music, Android apps, etc. For rooted phones, you can even back up the app data from Android to computer. You can restore a backup from computer to Android phone. Selective data backup and restore is supported so you can choose to backup or restore only certain file types. That’s to say partial backup and restore is allowed. Data preview before restore is also supported so you can make sure to restore only those files you want. What’s more you can even extract data from Android phone backup file to computer hard drive and save them as user-friendly files or formats that are readable, editable, cross-platform compatible. Unlike other mobile phone data backup tools, this Android backup comes as a tool in the toolkit of the Android recovery software. Users will download Android recovery along with all tools in its toolkit at the same time. You can register the free trial version of this software to unlock it and thus get full version and all features. However you need to purchase the data recovery, Android backup or other tools in the toolkit separately.