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We have discussed how Android users can recover their lost data, like photos, videos, contacts, music, without any backup before. It works for most Android phones, still few users complain that it does not work for certain types of old Android versions. You can go back and check that article here: Steps to recover photos & videos on Samsung Galaxy phones. To keep your data 100% safe, we highly recommend you make backups regularly by copying your important data on mobile phones to computer or other external storage. MobileGo is a great Android data transfer tool. It can help you back up your Android mobile data from phone to computer or restore your previous mobile backup from computer to Android phone in just one click. In this guide, we will demonstrate how Android transfer can help you transfer photos and videos between Android phones and computers. You can follow below steps to export videos and photos from Android to PC/Mac for backup or sharing, or import videos photos from a PC or Mac to Android device in minimal steps. It can not only transfer or manage SMS, contacts, but also your photos, videos, music, apps and other files. You can find a lot of useful features other than transfer Android data, such as clear up browsing history records on your Android phone, boost your phone to optimize your device and enhance phone performance, and so on. It is one of the best all-in-one Android transfer software you need.

Before we proceed to the photos and videos swap from Android to computer or from computer to Android, make sure to download the Android data transfer at first. Then follow below instructions step by step to copy over your files from/to Android smartphones or tablets.

Transfer Photos & Videos from Android to Computer

 Step 1. Run Android Data Transfer

Launch the Android Data Transfer on your PC or Mac. Connect your Android to computer. When your phone or tablet is connected to PC or Mac through USB data cord, the Android Data Transfer will automatically detect the connection and display the basic information of your mobile or tablet in its home page. See screenshot like this:

Step 2. Transfer Photos from Android to Computer

To export photos from Android to computer or import photos from computer to Android, click Photos from the left side menu, you will open a new screen like below.

android photo transfer

The photo transfer tool in this Android data transfer can help you exchange photos between Android and PC or Mac computers easily. To back up or export photos or gallery on Android phone, select the photos and click the Export button, then choose a folder on your computer to save the photo transfer and copy all selected photos from Android to computer instantly.

Step 3. Transfer Videos from Android to Computer

If you want to copy your Android videos off the smartphone and save a copy to your PC or Mac, click the Videos from the navigation menu of this Android data transfer. You will be taken to a screen as following:

android video transfer

Like the photo transfer from Android to computer, Android video transfer can help you transfer or export videos from Android to computer in just couple of clicks. Your video albums will be displayed in the middle column, browse to your video albums and tick to select any videos you like to transfer. To transfer videos from Android to PC or Mac, select the videos on Android at first, then click the Export icon on the top tool bar, you will then see a pop-up dialogue where you can choose a folder on your computer and save all selected Android videos into it. Android data transfer is really a good software to help you back up photos and videos on Android phones and tablets. If you failed to backup your files in time and in the trouble of data loss, you can refer to this guide: How to recover photos and videos on Android?

Transfer Photos & Videos from Computer to Android

If you take another look at the above screenshots, you will find out how the photo & video can be imported from a computer into Android phone or tablets, this Android transfer software is designed with those newbies in mind. You can easily download or upload files from or to your mobile devices in the same place. Check out below tips if need, or you can go to download this Android transfer software for free below and give it a shoot by yourself.

To transfer photos from computer to Android

The Android data transfer allows you to swap photos, either transfer from Android to computer or from computer to Android, in the Photos page. To transfer photos from computer to Android, just click the Add button to explore your photo album on computer, then import the selected photos to Android phone or tablet.

Transfer or import videos from computer to Android

Go to the Videos page, you can find an Add button from the top tool bar. You can import videos from PC or Mac to Android phone or tablet from there. Click this Add icon, you will be able to browse to your local media library on PC or Mac, then select and transfer any videos from computer to Android devices. This Android video transfer tool has built-in video and music conversion functions. If the video transfer on your computer is not compatible with Android phone, it can automatically convert the video to Android optimized format. So you can transfer almost any music and videos from computer to your Android device, as this Android transfer is powerful enough to convert most popular audio and video types and formats.

Transfer media files and data between mobile phones

If you want to directly copy photos, videos, contacts, music and other data between two mobile phones without saving data on to the computer first, you can refer to this guide to copy data from Samsung to Lenovo phones, works with data migration between Samsung galaxy phones, Lenovo phones and more. Xiaomi and Redmi users can follow this guide to transfer data from Xiaomi Redmi phone to Samsung mobile.

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  1. Stephen .E.Biggs

    What i have been looking for is a software that makes it easy to transfer photos from my iPhone to my computer but I seem to get lots of problems finding the right one for the job pheraps you can recommend one ,I remember when I had the family tree software called my heritage all I had to do was to transfer photoessays every time by email but I hav not managed to find any other photo software that has this same way so I would appreciate if if you could help because I have so many SIM cards and memory cards that I need to transfer the photos from to computer.thank you

    1. The Android transfer software for PC/Mac introduced in this article can help you move your photos back and forth between Android powered smartphones and computers.
      Other than this, you can also use a cloud hosting and storage service, like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. These service allows you to upload photos from one device to the cloud server, then download the photos to any other devices you have from cloud server.

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