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mobilego for android MobileGo Android transfer is a great tool for all Android phone users. It has made Android management easiser than ever before. For example it can help you back up your Android mobile data from phone to computer in just one click. You can also restore your previous mobile backup from computer to Android phone in just one click. It can not only transfer or manage SMS, contacts, but also your photos, videos, music, apps and other files. You can find a lot of useful features other than transfer Android data, such as clear up browsing history records on your Android phone, boost your phone to optimize your device and enhance phone performance, and so on. It is one of the best all-in-one Android transfer software you need.

Android App Transfer

You can go to the Apps tab from the navigation panel on the left side of this Android Transfer software. You will see a screen like below. All your installed apps on Android phone will be displayed. Click the Install button on the top tool bar, you can transfer Apps from your computer to Android device. If you want to back up Android apps, select the app, then click Export button, you can then save an app from Android to computer. It will be saved as .apk file which you can easily add or transfer back to Android phone by clicking the Install button.

android apps transfer

Android Music Transfer

Music transfer for Android is made easy. You can click the Add button to browse to your music library on your computer, then select and transfer any music from computer to Android phones easily. If you like to back up or transfer your songs, voice recordings from Android to computer, select the music or voice, then click the Export button and choose a folder on your computer to save and transfer music from Android to computer. When you transfer in a music from music, sometimes the music format that is not compatible with your Android phone or tablet, in such case this Android music transfer can automatically detect and convert your source music to Android compatible format and transfer it from computer to Android. Find out more details here: how to transfer music between Android and computer?

android music transfer

Android Video Transfer

Like the music transfer, the Android video transfer can help you transfer or export videos from Android to computer, transfer or import videos from computer to Android. If the video transfer found your source video from computer is not compatible with Android phone, it can automatically convert the video to Android optimized format. Basically you can transfer any music and videos from computer to your Android device, as this Android transfer is powerful enough to convert most popular audio and video types and formats. You can follow this guide to transfer Android videos.

android video transfer

Android Photo Transfer

Photo transfer in this Android transfer tool can help you exchange photos between Android and PC or Mac  computers extremely easy. To transfer photos from computer, click the Add button to explore your photo album on computer, then transfer them to Android phone or tablet. To back up or export photos or gallery on Android phone, select the photos and click the Export button to copy them from Android to computer. You can follow this guide to transfer Android photos.

android photo transfer

Android Contacts Transfer

This Android transfer tool offers very powerful contacts management, edit, import, export features. You can easily create new contacts using this Android transfer tool and save it on to your Android phone. You can also compose a message and send it to any of your mobile contacts directly within this Android transfer software. Click the Import/Export button, you can easily transfer contacts from Android to PC/Mac, or from computer to your Android phone.

android contacts transfer

Android SMS Transfer

To transfer SMS from Android to computer, go to the SMS tab from the left menu of the Android transfer tool, then you will see all text messages displayed in the middle column. To export all SMS from Android to computer, simply click the Export button from the top tool bar to get started, you will be prompted to select a folder on your computer then save all your text messages from Android to computer in just one click. You can also selectively select and transfer any SMS from Android phone to PC or Mac. If you deleted any text messages on Android by mistake, you can easily transfer it back from computer to Android. This is for sure the best-in-class Android SMS transfer software.

android sms transfer

Android Files Transfer

We have introduced its powerful content management and transfer features above, they are extremely easy to use even for beginners. You do not need any professional skills to use them. If you are an advanced Android user, and want to tweak the files manually, the built-in Android File Transfer tool can help you with it. Open the Files tab from the left menu, you will be able to browse through all your files saved on your Android phone, both from the internal memory and external memory (memory card, SD card). You can create folders directly on your Android phone, you can transfer any file from Android phone to computer or copy any files from computer to your Android device.

android files transfer

Android App, Music, Movies Downloading & Transfer

With a smartphone, we do not only make phone calls, send text messages or check email. Because of the apps, music and movies, our cell phones have become an essential part of our lives. There are a lot of cool apps for Android from the Google Play Apps and many other third party Android market. This Android transfer has built-in Google Play Apps where you can download any app within the transfer software on your computer, it will directly transfer the apps from computer to your Android phone or tablet. Free music MP3 download is also built-in, you can download any songs you like from online resources and websites, they will be automatically transferred to your Android phone. It is the same with the videos and movies from Youtube and other video sharing and hosting websites and service. To download any videos and movies online and transfer them to your Android phones, you can go to the Online Resources tab, to add the movie site, then you will see the built-in download tool to help you download videos and transfer them to your mobile phone. All downloaded apps, music, videos within the Android transfer will directly jump into your Android phones or tablets.

android app music movie download and transfer

Useful Android Toolkit

To quickly access all the fancy features in this Android transfer tool, you can go to its Toolkit, you will find a lot of useful tools as shown below. Some of these features included: one-click backup your Android device, restore Android from backups, install Android apps, get Root access to Android phones, find and delete duplicate contacts, send SMS directly within the Android transfer, import contacts from Outlook to Android phone, export contacts from Android to Outlook, import contacts from Windows Live Mail to Android phone, export contacts from Android to Windows Live Mail, convert and import music to Android, convert and import videos to Android, import iTunes playlists from computer to Android phone, export music from Android to iTunes, etc.

android toolkit mobilego

Now download this Android transfer tool below to copy, import, export, backup, restore any content for your Android phone, such as apps, movies, photos, music, text messages, contact and more.

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