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AppLock is an user-friendly privacy and security app that can lock your files, apps and settings on Android powered smart phones. With AppLock, you will not only be able to lock and unlock your apps on the smart phone, but also settings, system apps and your personal files such as the photos and videos. Best of all it is totally free.

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The Android security app is compatible with all major Android versions and various Android mobile phones from popular manufactures, like Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Nexus, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. It will only work with Android phones, an iOS version is unavailable yet. You can find and download it from Google Play store and other major Android market. To use the Android phone security and privacy protection app, you will need to start by setting up a password or pattern within the app. And optionally an email address for the lock pattern and password recovery. The setting up of the AppLock app is really easy and takes about one minute. The app has two sections. You will see a list of all apps, settings, files it can lock from its Privacy tab also the home screen. The Protect tab lets you customize the app settings to suit any requirement you may have.

AppLock for Android by Domobile

This app is definitely more powerful and feature reached than most other security apps, even close commercial ones. Except locking your private photos and videos on Android phone, it can also lock apps on the phone, you can also lock phone calls, settings, system UI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data and so on. For instance, you can refer to this tutorial to lock apps and settings on Samsung phones. The same method works with other Android powered smartphones as well. If you like to protect your private conversation via a chat app, this security and privacy app can also help.

To lock an app or item using this security app is easy, find the app you want to lock, touch the lock icon after it and you are done. After that the app will be locked behind a password to pattern. Anyone want to open the locked app will need to unlock it first. In this way, the app lock and your phone screen lock work together to protect your private data on the phone. This security and privacy protection app adds another level of security to your personal data on the mobile phone.

Full & Lite versions

Both versions can lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy. Ensure security.

Additionally, the full version can also lock pictures and videos. Hidden pictures and videos are vanished from Gallery and only visible in the photo and video vault. Protect private memories easily.


Download this Android app for free from Google Play Store below.

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