Apps Downloads for Android and iOS 2013

A report from ABI Research claims that Android app download is going to overtake iOS app download in 2013. While Android Apps will account for 58% of global app downloads in 2013.

ABI Research reported that:

“The annual volume of Smartphone app downloads will reach 56 billion this year, show ABI Research’s updated market forecasts. Of different OS platforms, Google’s Android will account for 58% of the total, with Apple’s iOS commanding an annual share of 33%. Microsoft’s Windows Phone will finish the year with a slice of slightly smaller than 4%, with BlackBerry trailing it with 3%.”

Android iOS app downloads 2013

However in the tablet market, Apple iPad is still the top tablet, leave all its competitors far behind. Tablet apps downloads for iOS is going to account for 75% of the total app downloads. It is estimated that 14 Billion apps will be downloaded in 2013, 75% of the downloads will be on an Apple Tablet. Android have a smaller market share of just 17%, followed by Kindle Fire and Windows with just 4% and 2% respectively.

Senior ABI Research analyst Aapo Markkanen spoke on the issue:

“Arguably, the most pressing issue for Google is how much of this handset momentum will ultimately trickle down to tablets, where Apple is holding the fort remarkably well.”

As we move into the thick of 2013, the software market brawl between both Apple & Google seems to be heating up, leaving competitors Blackberry & Windows in their pixel-dust. But for now, apps for Android devices seem to be taking over the Smartphone sector at a remarkable rate.

Who is going to be the real winner of the Smartphone and tablet battle in 2013? Can Apple recover their lost ground in the Smartphone market with the coming iPhone 5S in 2013? Or will Apple put more efforts to new products and market, such as the rumor said that the iTV, iWatch?