Automatically save screenshots to folder in Snagit for Windows

Snagit is a screen capture program with built-in advanced editing tools. When you capture computer screen, it opens in the Snagit Editor automatically, so you can preview, edit, share the image or video. Sometimes however you may not want to be interrupted by the Snagit Editor, don’t want to edit the capture, prefer to save multiple screenshots to a folder edit them later in a batch, edit it with another editor, etc. In this quick guide, we will show you how to automatically save screenshots to a folder in Snagit on Windows PC.

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This tutorial was done using Snagit version 2018 on a Windows 10 computer. The steps should be similar in other Windows OS, Mac OS. You can find more details about the screen capture or download it here.

Run Snagit on your PC, switch to the Image capture mode if it doesn’t open automatically.

We’re going to show you how to automatically save screenshots to a folder on Windows computer using Snagit. You can however do the same to video recordings in Snagit from the Video capture mode, or automatically save all captures, screenshots and video recordings, to a folder on computer from the All-in-one mode.

Step 1. Disable Preview in Editor

Click the ON/OFF toggle to turn off the Preview in Editor option in Snagit.

Automatically save screenshots to computer - Snagit
Automatically save screenshots to computer – Snagit

Step 2. Configure screen capture save settings

In the Share box, click the down arrow to expand the menu list and choose File as the output option. Then click the Settings (gear icon) to configure the screenshots saving settings. You can choose the image file type to JPG, PNG, another image format or even other document types you prefer. Enable Automatic File Name, optionally tweak the Automatic naming settings. Activate Fixed Folder, then hit Browse button to choose the folder and location to save all screenshots.

From now on, any screenshots captured by Snagit will be automatically saved to the folder on your computer without opening them in Snagit Editor, you will not be asked to choose file name, choose file format or select a folder to save screenshots.

Create preset to automatically save screenshots to image files

Snagit allows users to create presets to save capture settings. Presets are a great way to save a desired combination of capture settings (image or video), and then initiate a capture using those settings in a single click. You can create a custom preset to let Snagit save your screenshots automatically without opening them in Snagit Editor.

Snagit create, edit preset on windows pc

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