Backup books from Kindle to computer

Although backups are usually unnecessary for your Kindle, since you can simply rely on Amazon’s system for maintaining your Kindle materials. Sometimes however you may want to back up some Kindle content to your computer. For example, you probably need to save a copy of those books or personal documents you send to the local storage of Kindle device directly without uploading to your Kindle Library online. You need to export the books from Kindle to PC first before you transfer them to another Kindle belongs to someone else. You need to back up your Kindle books to a computer or external storage before you reset, give away or sell the Kindle for extra money.

To create a copy of your Kindle books and save them on your computer, you can simply connect your Kindle to your computer using an USB cord. Enter the Passcode on Kindle to unlock it. You can find your Kindle is put into the USD Drive Mode, you can then access your Kindle from the PC just like you do with an external drive, such as those flash drive, USB drive, portable hard drive. Use the Windows File Explorer on a Windows PC or Finder on Mac computer to access files and folders saved on your Kindle storage. You can copy and paste books, audio books from Kindle to computer to create backup copies, or drag-n-drop items to export them from Kindle to PC. You will find your personal documents and books you’ve sent to your Kindle and books purchased from the Kindle Store in the “documents” folder on your Kindle, audio books in the “audible” folder. Your notes are located in the same folder as the given books, and should have the same name of the books. All your highlights are stored in a text file. Those SDR folders with MBP files saved in them are used to save the relative information of the specific book, the notes, highlights, reading process, etc. So you can simply copy this folder labelled documents from Kindle to your computer to backup all books, highlights, notes and your reading process.

Transfer books from computer to Kindle

If you need to import or restore those books saved on your computer, check out these steps to transfer books, documents from computer to Kindle via USB without extra software installation or this tutorial to import books from PC to Kindle using the Send to Kindle app.

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