How to back up contacts from iPhone to computer?

Lost all contacts on the phone without any backup saved? I understand the frustration on being unable to restore your contacts and phone numbers. In this quick guide, we will show you how to save a copy of your contacts and export them from iPhone to computer. With a backup created and saved on the external storage, you can always restore lost contacts anytime you need.

How to back up contacts from iPhone to computer?

For a third-party iOS data backup program, we recommend this the iPhone data backup software on your PC or Mac. This iPhone backup tool is bundled with the iOS toolkit.

ios toolkit dcfon

You can run the iOS toolkit, then click Backup & Restore to access the iOS backup tool from its home interface.

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Then connect up your iPhone to computer using its data cable. Then select Contacts from the file types selection screen. Click Backup button from the bottom right. The iPhone backup tool will then export contacts and phone numbers saved in your iPhone Contacts app to your PC.

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Export iPhone iPad contacts to PC

You can click to select any contacts from your backup file and view the contact details including phone numbers, email addresses, addresses and so on. You can select multiple or all contacts from iPhone, then hit the Export to PC button at the bottom right corner. After that you will get a pop-up dialogue where you can select a folder from your computer hard disk to save the iPhone contacts.

Your contacts will be saved in three different copies. From the output folder, you can find an HTML file, a CSV file and multiple VCF files. You can open a web browser on your computer to open and view iPhone contacts saved to computer as HTML file. You can open and view iPhone contacts saved as CSV file format using Office Excel, Numbers or other spreadsheet tools. The iPhone contacts saved as multiple VCF files on your PC or Mac.

Merge VCF vCard name cards

You can easily merge them into one file for easier management or transfer. Check out this guide to merge multiple VCF vCard files on Mac. Windows PC users can refer to this tutorial to combine VCF vCard files on PC. VCF files can be joined together on both PC or Mac easily without using any software, but just the built-in command line prompt on your computer.

Restore contacts from computer to iPhone

The above iPhone contacts backup solution can extract contacts from iPhone and saved them in different formats. VCF contact or vCard files are very mobile device friendly. If you like to restore contacts from computer to iPhone, you may consider to restore the vCard contact file. You can get this job done easily without any software. Simply email yourself the VCF file, download and import the VCF contacts to iPhone via email.

Can I restore contacts when no iPhone backups created?

With a copy of your contacts saved on an external store or computer, you can always get back your lost data from the backups. However sometimes we may just lost the contacts so fast before a copy or backup has been created. In this case, you can also use above iPhone data recovery software to get them back. Check out the steps to recover deleted contacts from iPhone. This solution does not require a previous backup to be made. However you have to perform the contacts recovery as soon as possible for higher success rate. When the deleted data was erased by new data saved on the phone, you lost them forever.

Update May 2018: this article was originally published in April 2016 and has since been updated. we updated the post to reflect the changes in the new version of the iPhone backup software.

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