Back up Contacts from Lenovo phone to computer

There are many mobile phone data backup tools or apps on the phone or computer can help Android users backup files and documents from phone to a PC or Mac. Speaking of Lenovo phone backup, there is no easier way than this solution to back up and restore Lenovo mobile phones. To back up any data following this method you need to connect your phone to computer via USB data cord, select data type you like to backup, then one click to transfer all selected files from our cell phone to computer. This method can help you back up all kinds of data on the phone, such as contacts, phone numbers, text messages, call logs, calendars, photos, videos, music, apps. In this demo, we will show you how to export contacts and phone numbers from Lenovo phone to PC. If you want to back up content from Lenovo phones or other Android powered phones to a laptop or desktop or external storage devices, you can refer to instructions below.

lenovo mobile backup and restore

How to back up contacts from Lenovo phone to computer?

Firstly download the phone transfer software on to your PC or Mac. Choose the right version according to your computer OS.

Install and run the mobile phone file backup program on your computer. You will see its home screen like this. Here you can see this tool can help you transfer data from one phone to another, back up data from phone to computer, restore backup files from computer or a cloud backup service to mobile phone, erase data from mobile phone. In this guide, we need to use its phone backup feature. We will use the mobile phone transfer Windows version in this demo. Its Mac version differs slightly in appearance if you are on Mac .

mobile phone data transfer for windows

Now follow these steps to transfer or copy all contacts from Lenovo phone to computer.

Step 1. Connect up Lenovo phone to computer

You need to hook up your phone to computer via its USB data cord.

Step 2. Select contacts to backup

Click the “Back up your phone” icon to enter the phone backup mode. As we mentioned above, this is a all-in-one mobile phone data management software. To transfer contacts from our cell phone to computer, we need only the phone backup feature.

Then you will be prompted to enable USB debugging on Lenovo phone if not yet. Just follow the on-screen tips to do so. After that the mobile phone data transfer program can access your contacts and other data on the phone. You will see a list of all supported file types in the middle. By default all content types will be selected, however if you need only to back up contacts on Lenovo phone, you can disable all other files, such as text messages, photos, videos, music, apps and more. See below figure.

backup contacts from lenovo phone to computer

Step 3. Transfer contacts from Lenovo mobile phone to computer

Click the Transfer button at the bottom of this Lenovo phone backup software, all your contacts and phone numbers on the phone will be copied or exported from the smartphone to your computer hard drive. The transfer will be extremely fast. You can find the contacts backup file from its Settings >> Backup folder location, see before screenshot.

How to restore contacts from computer to Lenovo phone?

If you want to restore backup from computer to Lenovo mobile. Go back to the home screen of this mobile phone transfer software, select the “Restore from backups“, this software can then automatically search for previous backup files created and saved on your computer. Select the Contacts from the middle file selection column, then click the Transfer button to restore contacts from PC or Mac to Lenovo smartphone.

restore contacts from computer to lenovo phone

For more instructions about Lenovo phone backup or restore, you can scroll up to the top and visit the linked guide from the first paragraph. You can find all the details you may want to know.

How to restore Lenovo contacts without backups?
Sometimes you may forget to back up contacts and have not realized this issue until you delete important contacts on the phone by mistake or lost contacts or phone numbers unexpectedly. If you have this trouble, you will need a professional Lenovo phone data retrieval program to get the lost contacts back provided no backups created. Check out this tutorial to recover Contacts from Lenovo mobile phone. This solution works well with many different Lenovo phone models.

Should you have any other inquiries about Lenovo phone data transfer, backup, restore or recovery, do not hesitate to leave a message below.

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