backup data from phone to computer using HTC Sync Manager

Want to transfer content from HTC to computer for backup? HTC sync manager is the official backup and sync tool you will need. This free software allows HTC users to backup personal data on the device(s), such as your music, photos, contacts, calendar, bookmarks, and documents and so on, and store them onto a local drive of the computer connected. You can then choose and restore a chosen backup file stored on your computer to your HTC mobile phone. Check out more details below.

HTC Sync Manager to Backup HTC phone to PC or Mac

Search HTC sync manager on Bing or Google, or visit HTC official website to find and download this free HTC backup program. You can install HTC Sync Manager on Windows XP or later versions. To install HTC sync manager on a Mac computer, you need OS X 10.6 or later.

Run the software on your computer, and connect your mobile phone to it via USB. On your HTC device, you will get a prompt message about allowing USB for file transfer.

Use USB for file transfer?

Only allow file transfer using computers you trust. Your phone’s data will be accessible when connected.

Tap Yes to enable file transfer through USB. The HTC sync manager should now connect your phone. Switch to the Home tab in HTC Sync Manager, you should see three entries from the left navigation panel: Summary, Transfer & Backup, Sync Settings. We are using HTC Sync Manager for Windows on a PC. If you use its Mac version, you may see difference in screens and even settings.

Backup VS Sync HTC phone

The data sync in HTC Sync Manager is to sync data between your HTC phone and your computer. Data backup is to copy your files from HTC phone to your computer so you can easily restore your backup to the same phone or to another HTC phone. In this article, we will mainly discuss how to backup HTC data to computer.

Back up data from HTC phone to computer

In HTC Sync Manager home tab, click Transfer & Backup. At the bottom you should find the Backup & Restore section. Optionally click Manage button to select a location to save your backups. Then return to the backup section, hit the Back up now button to start backing up content from your HTC Sense phone to computer. A wide variety of file types can be backed up using HTC Sync Manager, such as contacts, messages, music, gallery (photos, videos), wallpaper, call logs, documents, Scribble, clock, weather, settings.

htc backup restore - htc sync manager for windows

Extra HTC backup settings

Under the Backup and Restore section in HTC Sync Manager, you can find two useful options. Here you can choose whether to include Media content in the phone back up and whether to always backup your phone when connected to your computer.

HTC content Backup VS Recovery

Data should be protected from accidental deletions to natural disasters. Backup is the main method used for data protection and retention. Except that data recovery is used for salvaging data that is already lost. For instance, you can recover photos videos from HTC when they can’t be found in your backup file; you can retrieve lost messages from HTC mobile.

HTC Media files backup

The backup from HTC phone to computer may take a while. When it finishes, you will see the backup complete notification. Items like contacts, messages, wallpaper, call logs, Scribble, Clock, Weather, Settings can be backed up from HTC to PC or Mac. If you enabled the media files backup, the process will take a bit longer.

In fact, we do not recommend backing up your music and photos using HTC Sync Manager. Even if you backed up them from phone to your computer, they will not be accessible without HTC Sync Manager, you can’t load them into third party media player. You can simply export the photos, videos and songs from HTC to computer via USB. If you prefer a wireless file transfer solution. We recommend Wi-fi hotspot other than Bluetooth. See how you can transfer files via mobile hotspot on Android phone using different free tools that support hotspot file transfer.

Transfer files between HTC and other mobile devices

In the “HTC Media files backup” section above, we linked to some guide to export files from HTC to computer via personal hotspot. In fact more and more file transfer apps now begin to support Wi-Fi hotspot transfer, Shareit is one of the most notable one. Check out these steps to share files between mobile phones, computers using Shareit free file transfer tool.

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