One-click to back up iPhone to computer

There are many iPhone backup tools and solutions can help you back up data from iPhone to computers easily. Admittedly some iPhone data backup software are very similar from each other. However among the many iPhone data management and transfer programs, we found this iPhone backup software is the best. If you are an iPhone user who are looking for easier iPhone backup solutions. You should try it. It can backup your content from iPhone iPad to PC, Mac or other storage device in just one click. It stands out for both ease of use and rich features. You can back up contacts, messages, calendars, photos, videos, music, WhatsApp chats, Viber conversations and many more from iPhone to computer. A very useful mobile phone data backup, restore, transfer and even more.

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How to back up iPhone to computer in one-click?

Run the iPhone toolkit on your PC or Mac, you will be able to choose a tool. Select Backup & Restore to open this iPhone backup tool in a new window like this.

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To backup iPhone or other mobile phones, click Backup button, it will detect your phone connection automatically. You will then be prompted to connect your phone via USB data cord if not yet. You can also choose file types to copy from iPhone to PC or Mac, such as contacts, text messages, calendars, photos, videos, music, etc.

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By default all supported file types will be selected and backed up. You can however disable any file types that you do not want to backup. You can also choose a different backup path to save the iPhone backup files on your computer or an external storage. If like, you can use it to back up iPhone data to a Flash drive or USB drive.

Update May 2018: this article was originally published in Aug 2015 and has since been updated. in this update, we replaced the old mobile phone transfer with the new iPhone data backup program.