Backup and Restore Android Apps

Looking for a tool to backup apps on Android phones or tablets? You should make backups of your phone data from time to time so when you lost any data or accidentally delete any content from your Android devices, you can easily restore them back from the backups made. Unlike moving Android apps from phone to SD card, which can simply be done within the Application manager, to copy Android apps from phone’s internal storage or SD card to computer you need to use an Android transfer tool. In another guide, we introduced an easy way to backup and restore Android phones. This is so great an Android transfer, backup, restore tool. It can help you easily transfer or copy all contents like photos & videos, contacts & phone numbers, SMS messages, call logs, apps, music & songs and so on from Android to computer. To copy apps from Android phone to PC or Mac, you can follow below simple steps.

Now download the Android transfer tool on to your PC or Mac, which is so far the easiest tool to backup Android apps from phone to computer and restore apps from computer to Android devices.

How to Backup and Restore Android Apps?

Step 1. Connect Android to computer

Run the Android transfer on your PC or Mac and follow the on-screen tips to connect your Android phone to computer either through USB data cable or your Wi-Fi network. If you prefer to transfer files between Android and computer wirelessly, you can download an Android app on your phone, so the next time, you can simply use it to scan the QR code to get connected with your computer. Very handy!

android backup restore software

Step 2. Backup Android apps to computer

Click on the App menu on the left navigation panel, you will see a list of installed Android apps on your phone. To backup Android apps, select the apps you like to backup, select the app at first, then click the Export button above to choose a folder on our computer to save the Android app. This is the easiest way to transfer Android apps to computer.

backup and restore android apps

Step 3. Restore apps from computer to Android

Once you saved or transferred an Android app from phone or tablet to computer, it will be saved as a .apk file on your computer. In case you lost or delete Android apps on the phone, you can restore the apps from computer backups. From the above screenshot, click Install button to browse to the Android app backups folder on your computer and you can instantly install the select Android app from computer to your Android device.

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