Backup and Restore iPhone Notes through iCloud

iCloud can back up your content from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to Apple iCloud server when activated on your iOS device. Compared to iTunes sync, iCloud has many advantages. For example, you do not have to use a computer when you want to back up iPhone. You do not need any data cable, iCloud can backup your files wirelessly over Wi-Fi. Today, we will discuss how to backup notes from iPhone to iCloud and restore notes from iCloud to iPhone.

How to backup notes from iPhone to iCloud?

Tap on Settings on iPhone home screen, go to iCloud, see below screenshot.
enable icloud backup on iphone
If not yet, you will be prompted to sign in using your Apple account credentails here to enable iCloud backup on iPhone. After that, you will find a list of all kinds of file types on your iPhone that you can back up to iCloud, including mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, Safari bookmarks, etc. Notes is one of them.

backup notes from iphone to icloud

Slide to enable notes backup through iCloud to back up notes from iPhone to iCloud server. Then you will be prompted to create a free email address to turn on Notes backup to iCloud. Follow the tips to pick up the username for your iCloud email account.

Enable iCloud email account as default account for notes on iPhone

After that you can go back to the home screen of Settings on iPhone, find the Notes as displayed from below screen capture.

iphone notes settings

Tap on Notes to enter the Notes settings screen, you will see the Default Account option for Notes on iPhone.

set default account to back up iPhone notes

Here you can select an email address to as the default account to back up iPhone notes. All email accounts configured on your iPhone can be found in this list. To back up notes from iPhone to iCloud, make sure to set your iCloud email account as the notes default account on iPhone.

Recover Notes from iCloud

Notes once uploaded to iCloud server can be access from any web browsers. Just access and log in using your Apple username and its password, you can view, create, edit and manage iPhone notes from there. You can follow this guide to easily download iPhone Notes from iCloud to computer or iPhone. If like you can also restore notes from iCloud to iPhone as well. Normally you have to reset iPhone, then set up iPhone like you have just bought a new phone. This will erase all existing content and settings on iPhone. And you will have the chance to restore iCloud backup to iPhone or restore iTunes backup to iPhone. If you are not comfortable with this, you can also refer to the linked guide above to download the iPhone data recovery program. It can acutally help you selectively restore only notes from iCloud to iPhone.

Do you have any backups of deleted iPhone notes? No worries. You can refer to this guide to recover deleted notes from iPhone without backups. If you are a Mac users, please go to this link to recover deleted iPhone notes without backups on Mac.