Backup & Restore Samsung Mobile Phone

In earlier guides, we have showed you how Samsung and Android devices can be backed up. For example, you can refer to this guide to back up and restore Android phones. If you are using a Samsung phone, you can also back up your Samsung mobiles with Kies. Among all the available software or tools that can help you transfer, export, import or manage mobile phone data for Samsung and Android phones, we find Mobile Transfer is the most user-friendly for beginners. Today, we will demonstrate how this Samsung backup program can help both veterans and those who come to it for the first time to easily back up Samsung phones and tablets. Basically anyone can follow this Samsung backup and restore solution to get the job done in just one click.

samsung backup & restore

About Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer is a cross platform smartphone data management solution. It comes with both Windows and Mac versions. It works for numerous smartphones, including Android phones, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc. You can use it to copy data from phone to phone, back up mobile phone to computer, restore mobile phones from backups, erase data from old phones. Now download the mobile data management program before we continue to use it to back up or restore Samsung phones below.

How to Back up Samsung Mobile Phones?

Run the Samsung backup program on your PC or Mac, then click “Back up your Phone” from its home screen. See below screenshot.

back up mobile phone

Now you will be taken to the phone backup screen. You will be prompted to connect your Samsung phone through USB data cord. Do so, the phone backup will automatically detect your Samsung phone and scan for all your personal data on the phone, see below screenshot.

backup samsung phone data to computer via mobiletransfer

All file types can be copied from your Samsung phone to computer will be listed in the middle column of this Samsung backup tool. You can click to enable or disable the backup for specific file types, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, apps, call logs, calendars, etc. By default all supported file types will be selected, so you can go ahead to the bottom and click the Start Copy button to back up Samsung phone to computer in just one click. It is just that easy. Using this program, even the first time users can instantly back up mobile phones without any bumps on the way. It has clear layout, straightforward interface that is extremely easy to understand.

Samsung phone backup extra tips

  • The backup of Samsung may take several minutes, especially when you have a lot of photos and videos or when you have enabled Samsung apps backup.
  • Once the Samsung backup finishes, you will be prompted to open the folder on your computer where your Samsung backup files is saved. It will be a bak file.
  • This Samsung backup method will export your files and documents in a packaged bak file which is however not user-friendly on computer. You can easily restore the backup to a mobile phone, but you can not open and view the backup files on computer using other third party software. If you like to use the files on computer, you need to use other backup methods. For example, you can directly connect up your phone to computer to copy photos and videos from phone to computer via USB; you can follow this guide to export contacts from Samsung phone to computer, and following tutorial shows the steps to export text messages from Samsung phone to computer.
  • Normally apps should be excluded from Samsung backup, as you might be able to download them again any time you like from Google Play store, or other Android market.

How to Restore Samsung Mobile Phones?

In case you want to restore your Samsung phone, or restore the Samsung backup file to another mobile phones, please refer to instructions below. To restore Samsung mobile phone is similar as you make the backup of Samsung. Using the same tool, you can restore Mobile Transfer backups to Samsung phone, restore iTunes backup to Samsung, restore iCloud backup to Samsung and Androd phone, restore Samsung Kies backups to Samsung, restore BlackBerry backups to Samsung, etc. In the first half of this Samsung backup & restore guide, we have showed you the steps to back up Samsung phone. Now all your personal data on the phone has been saved to your computer hard drive as a single backup file. To restore Samsung mobile phone, follow these steps.

Go back to home page of this Samsung backup & restore program on your PC or Mac. The backup options can be found at the upper right section. Select a backup source from there. In the case, choose Mobile Transfer Backup which we have created above. Connect your Samsung phone with the computer through USB. Now you should get a screen like this.

restore samsung phone using mobiletransfer

Select the data you like to restore to your Samsung phone, such as contacts or phone numbers, messages, call logs, photos, videos, music, apps, calendars, etc. If you like a full restore, click on the Start Copy button to restore Samsung mobile phone in just one click. Then all data from the backup will be restored to your phone.

Samsung Backup & Restore – Youtube Video Demo

Samsung mobile data backup & restore – extra tips

  • Your Samsung phone backups can also be attached to other phones, such as iPhone, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Nexus, and so. For example, if you have created and saved a Samsung phone backup using Kies, you can restore Samsung kies backup file to iPhone and other mobile.
  • Normally you can only restore data that has been backed up already back to Samsung phones. If you failed to back up some data and lost them on the mobile phone, you will need a data disaster rescue solution other than the above Samsung backup & restore software. For example, you can refer to this guide to recover photos from Samsung phones. And the instructions from following article can help you recover deleted text messages on Samsung phones. Due to the complexity of data recovery, there is no guarantee that data can be retrieved under any circumstances. Better safe than sorry, make regular backups of important data from phone to an external storage.