Backup Samsung phone to computer using TunesGo

The mobile phone manager, TunesGo, now include the device backup and restore tool, allowing you to quickly backup data from iPhone and Android devices to computer without having to download a separate phone backup software.

To keep your personal data safe, backups are usually saved in an external storage other than your phone or tablet’s internal storage. By doing so, you won’t lose your data even if your phone was lost, broken, stolen. For Android phones backup, you can find a lot of backup apps in Google Play Store, but we recommend you only those can help you export a copy of your data to external storage, such as a cloud service or your local computer. Tunesgo phone manager can help you export files and documents from Android to computer, backup content from Android to computer. We have many articles about how to use it before. For example, you can refer to this guide to import contacts from computer to iPhone and following tutorial to export ringtones from Samsung phone to computer.

Today, we will show you how to backup data from Samsung phone to computer using its phone backup tool. To use its built-in phone backup tool, you’ll need to install its latest version on your computer. If you do not have it on your PC or Mac, you can download it now from below links.

How to backup data from Samsung phone to computer?

Here is how to backup Samsung Galaxy mobile to a PC or Mac using the built-in phone backup capability.
Run the phone manager software on your computer. Go to turn on USB debugging on your Samsung mobile phone.

Then connect the Samsung phone to your desktop or laptop via USB. The phone manager software will detect and connect your phone. After that you will see a screen like this.

samsung phone manager tunesgo

Click Toolbox from the top menu. Then click Backup Device in the Backup & Restore section.

tunesgo mobile phone content backup restore tools

The Backup tool opens as a new pop-up window. You can see the list of all supported file types and the number of files saved on your phone. Here you can choose any file types you want to backup to computer, such as contacts, SMS messages, calendars, call logs, music, photos, videos, apps and app data. Hit the BACKUP button at the bottom right corner to start backing up your selected files from Samsung mobile phone to computer.

select and backup files from mobile phone to pc using tunesgo

Important Samsung mobile backup tips:

  • The Android backup tool will save a copy of your files and documents from phone to computer in the location as specified in the Save Path box. You can change it to any other hard drive and folder.
  • The free space on your selected hard disk will be displayed, so you can ensure there is enough space for the backup file.
  • Some data, such as music, photos, videos and apps, can be exported and saved in their original format using the TunesGo phone manager. Its built-in phone backup utility will create a single .bak file for selected data. That’s to say, you can’t open it using any third party software tools. The photos in the backup file can’t be viewed on your computer, the music in the backup file can’t be played using any music player. The only option to access them is to restore the backup file to a mobile phone. That’s why we recommend you export some data, such as music, photos, videos and apps, to computer and save them in their original format on computer using the TunesGo phone manager. For example to backup photos from Samsung phone to computer using this phone manager, you can click to open its Photos tab, then preview, select and export photos from Samsung to your PC or Mac computer. Try it out yourself. It is very simple.
  • The Samsung Android phone backup utility will create backup files in .bak format. You will need to purchase a license to unlock the full version in order to restore the backup files from computer to Samsung and Android phones.
  • App data and game records can only be backed up when your Samsung device is rooted.

Samsung phone backup VS transfer

Other than backing up your phone to computer, then restore the backup to another phone, you can also choose to directly copy files between two phones. For example, you can follow this tutorial to copy files from Samsung to Xiaomi phone and this guide to transfer data from Samsung to Lenovo mobile.

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