Back up Text Messages from iPhone to computer

Are you looking for a better and easier way to quickly backup messages on iPhone? iTunes is powerful but it does not provide you the freedom and flexibility. In this guide, we will use Mobile Phone Data Backup tool to demonstrate how you can batch transfer all text messages from iPhone to computer without iTunes. This solution will not sync your iPhone or overwrite existing data on iPhone, it allows you to copy all text messages from iPhone to your PC or Mac without affecting any other data on the phone.

Backup Text Messages from iPhone to Computer

Run this mobile phone backup software on your computer, you will see its main interface like this.

ios toolkit dcfon

You can find various tools for iPhone, such as Recover, Switch, Transfer, Erase and more. Click Backup & Restore to access the iPhone data backup tool.

mobile phone backup restore program windows dcfon

Connect your iPhone to Mac or PC via USB. Click Backup button in the mobile phone backup program. Then select the content or file types to backup from iPhone to computer.

backup iphone ipad files data to windows pc dcfon

In this case, choose Text Messages, then change a location to save the backup file in the Backup Path box, finally click Backup button to back up all text messages from iPhone to computer instantly.

Partially backup iPhone text messages to computer

If you like to selectively or partially transfer certain messages or multiple messages on iPhone, you can refer to this tutorial to select and transfer any text messages, iMessages from iPhone to computer.

Restore iPhone text messages with or without backups

Later if you want to restore text messages from computer to iPhone, simply go to the main interface of this mobile phone backup software on your PC or Mac, then choose Restore mode, you can then select the backups of text messages from computer and restore to iPhone in just few steps.

If you deleted some text messages before any backup were created, check out following guide to recover deleted text messages from iPhone without backups.

Update May 2018: this article was originally published in Jun 2016 and has since been updated. the old phone transfer software was replaced by the new iPhone backup and restore program in this update.