Backup and Transfer iPhone Music

iphone musicMusic transfer and backup for iPhone iPad is made easy with iOS manager. You can now freely add music from the media library on your computer to iPhone iPad or export music from iTunes library on iPhone iPad to computer for backup with point and click operation or simply drag and drop. If you want to transfer music from iPhone iPad to other phones, like Android phones and tablets, Nokia, Blackberry, you can connect both phones or tablets to computer and directly copy music from iPhone iPad to Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Moto, Sony, Sharp, Lenovo, ZTE and more phones or tablets. Music transfer across different platforms has never been so easier before. Let alone the music sharing between iPhone iPad and iPod touch. In this article, we will discuss how to backup music from iPhone to computer and how you can transfer music from iPhone to Android and other phones.

Tunesgo is an iOS backup, transfer and restore software that many iPhone iPad users are familiar with. This application has changed the iOS transfer as we know it. Compared to iTunes sync, this iOS transfer has a lot of advantages. Unlike iTunes which you may need to change your habits to get used to it. The iOS transfer however works more intuitive, you will like the way how it functions. Now download this backup and transfer tool before we proceed to the simple process below.

Backup Music from iPhone to computer

Run the iPhone transfer on computer, and connect up your iPhone to computer using its USB data cord. Then go to the Media section of the source iOS device, open the Music tab, select songs you like to share, then click the Export to button above to save them to a folder on your computer hard disk. To backup music songs from iPhone to computer, this method is much easier than iTunes sync or backup. What’s more, it can transfer songs not purchased from iTunes store as well. So you do not need to worry about losing your music during the transfer.
export music from iphone ipad ipod to computer

Transfer Music from iPhone to Android, Nokia, Blackberry and more phones

There are various scenarios you may want to transfer, share, copy music songs on iPhone to another mobile phone. For example, you may have just upgrade to a new iPhone, you may want to switch phones from iPhone to an Android smartphone, Blackberry or Nokia. Under these circumstances, you may simply copy over all your songs from the old iPhone to the new phone. Sometimes you may just want to share specific songs with others, like your relatives, friends, co-workers.

Transfer All Music Songs from iPhone to Android and other phones

Bulk music transfer from iPhone to Android and other phones can be done using another cross-platform mobile transfer in just one click.

transfer music from iphone to other phone

Run this mobile transfer on your PC or Mac, plugin both iPhone and the other phone or tablet, could it be an Android device, Nokia, Blackberry and more, to your computer via their USB data cables, tick to select the music from your iPhone and copy them to another phone in just one click. Note that if you want to copy only music from iPhone to the other phone, do not check other file types, like Contacts, Messages, Photos, Video, etc.

Selectively Transfer Specific Music from iPhone to Android and other phones

At most times however you may want to share specific songs with particular person. In the first half of this guide, we described how you can easily backup music from iPhone to computer. To share your iPhone music with other mobile phone users, you can continue from there. So when your music songs were exported from iPhone to computer, you can send the music from computer to other phone users through email so they can download the music onto their smartphones. Android users can also download and use below Android transfer software to easily transfer music and many other files from/to Android devices.

The Android data transfer tool looks like a FTP client which we use to upload files from computer to website server or download files from server to local computer. To transfer music from computer to Android, go to the Music section from the left side navigation panel, you will get a screen like below.
android music transfer

You can click the Add button to browse to your music library on your computer, then select and transfer any music from computer to Android phones easily. When you transfer in a music from music, sometimes the music format that is not compatible with your Android phone or tablet, in such case this Android music transfer can automatically convert your source music to Android compatible format and transfer it from computer to Android.

iTunes sync has not made the music transfer easy for iPhone users. The above solutions can help you easily transfer and backup music songs for iPhone iPad to computer, copy music from iPhone iPad to another iOS device, share iPhone music with Android phones and other phones.