Backup Viber chat history from iPhone to computer

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Have important chat history and precious moments saved in Viber on iPhone? You should backup your Viber on iPhone on a regular basis to avoid data loss. This is especially true when you are going to make drastic changes on the phone, like deleting apps, sync iPhone, upgrade OS, switch phone.

If you use Viber on Android and iPhone, you can make use of the built-in messages backup tool in Viber to create a backup for Viber messages and send it to yourself through email. Let’s take Viber for iPhone as the example. iPhone users can run Viber on the phone, then go to More options >> Settings >> Calls and messages >> Email message history. Then your Viber messages backup file will be created and attached to a new email, just input your own email address and send the Viber messages backup to yourself from there. You can also follow these steps to create a backup of Viber messages and chat history on Android and export the Viber messages backup from Android mobile phone to a PC or Mac. This Viber backup solution however does not allow users to restore Viber backups to iPhone or Android. You can only export Viber chat history through email, you can’t import or restore the Viber backup file on to your device. What’s worse, other media files like photos and videos will be left off when you back up Viber data using this method as it only backs up Viber messages.

iPhone users can back up their device and all data on it through iTunes or iCloud. These two solutions will back up all Viber chat history and files and you can also restore Viber data to iPhone in the future. However neither iTunes nor iCloud is easy to use. Both of them back up your entire device’s data which is time-consuming, both of them restore the whole backup file on to iPhone and erase existing data on the phone which may cause unexpected data-loss. How to avoid tedious, complicate backup and uncomfortable data-loss? iPhone Viber data backup & restore is the answer. Viber messages and files backup is made so easy. With its Viber backup tool, you can backup all your Viber chat history including messages and sent/received files to a PC or Mac in just one click. Restoring Viber backup to iPhone can also be done in one click. It won’t affect any other data saved on your iPhone.

How to back up Viber chats from iPhone to computer?

We are not able to explain all features of this iPhone Viber backup & restore tool in this article. If like, you can refer to previous linked article for more details, download the free trial version with limited feature on to your PC or Mac and test it out by yourself. Here we will show you the steps to transfer Viber messages and data from iPhone to PC briefly. Mac users can refer to this guide to back up Viber chats from iPhone to Mac.

Download and run iPhone Viber backup & restore on your Windows computer. You will see its home screen like this.

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Note it comes as an add-on tool in the main iPhone toolkit. To access it, you need to click Backup & Restore >> Social App Data Backup & Restore >> iOS Viber Backup & Restore. Then you will be prompted to connect up iPhone to PC via USB. Do so, this Viber backup tool will give you the backup option.

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To back up Viber data on iPhone is extremely easy. Simply click the Backup button, your Viber files will be exported from iPhone to PC.

Back up Viber chats from iPhone to computer – video demo

Once you finish backing up Viber from iPhone to your computer, this Viber backup utility also allows you to select and open Viber backup files, extract data from backup file to computer, restore Viber backup from computer to iPhone, transfer Viber backup to another iPhone, etc.

Viber does not store any of your messages or chat history on their server. In case of data loss, it is unable to retrieve lost Viber data without professional data recovery tool unless you have your own backups. So backup your Viber now before it is too late.

Update May 2018: this article was originally published in Sep 2016 and has since been updated. In this update, we replaced the screenshots to reflect the changes in the latest version of the iOS toolkit and Viber chats backup program.

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