Back up Viber chats from iPhone to Mac

Photos and videos received through Viber can be easily transferred to your computer for backup. To do that, you firstly need to save these media files from Viber to your mobile phone. Then connect up your phone to computer via USB and copy over photos videos from Viber to your PC or Mac. However this method does not work when you want to batch transfer all media files from Viber to computer or back up other file types from Viber to computer, such as the chat history, the location shared via Viber, the name cards, documents(like PDF, Word, Excel), the voice messages. You can not do the same by attaching your phone to computer for data backup. In this article, we will use an iPhone in the demo to illustrate how you can back up Viber chats from iPhone to Mac. You can not only export photos, videos from Viber on iPhone to Mac computer in a batch mode, but also transfer Viber chats, voice messages, attached files from iPhone to Mac. And this Viber for iPhone DIY backup solution is so easy that everyone can get their important Viber data extracted from iPhone to computer in just one click.

Back up Viber chats from iPhone to Mac – Method 1

To make Viber backups from iPhone to computer, you need only this iPhone Viber backup & restore software. It comes as one of the many tools in the iOS toolkit. From the home screen of the iOS toolkit, click Backup & Restore >> Social App Data Backup & Restore, you will then get a screen like this.

ios line viber kik backup, restore tools for windows

Choose Viber Backup & Restore, then connect up your iPhone to Mac through USB. Click the Backup button to back up all Viber messages, photos, videos and other data from iPhone to Mac.

Back up Viber chats from iPhone to Mac – video demo

Back up Viber chats from iPhone to Mac – Method 2

In fact, the iPhone data backup and restore can also help us transfer Viber chats to computer in the Device Backup & Restore section other than the Social App Data Backup & Restore. Connect your iPhone to Mac via USB, click Backup & restore from the home screen of the iOS toolkit, then click Backup button, you will then find a list of all supported file types you can back up to computer, see below screenshot.

backup viber chats attachments from iphone to mac dcfon

Select Viber & Attachments, then click Backup button to back up all Viber chats and files from iPhone to Mac computer.

Export Viber chats or files to Mac

Now comes the fun part. You may think there are a lot of options you may need to select in order to export Viber chat history and received files from iPhone to Mac. But what this iPhone Viber backup tool gives is just a Backup button. Hit this button, your Viber data will be transferred from iPhone to Mac. Your Viber chat history, including the text messages, voice messages, sent and received files will all be exported from iPhone to computer.

Can we view, extract files in the Viber backup?

Once the backup of Viber has been created and saved on Mac, go to the home screen of the iPhone Viber backup & restore tool, click “To view the previous backup file” link, you can find all Viber backups saved on your computer. From here you can select a backup to view all data contained in it, delete a Viber backup from your computer, restore Viber backup to iPhone, etc.

Viber attachments, like photos, videos, voice messages, music, documents, can be extracted from iPhone to Mac.

Restore Viber data without backups

Sometimes however you may lost data on the phone before a backup is created. Is it possible to get them back without backups? Fortunately you still have the last chance to do so. iPhone data recovery is such as data rescue solution comes to help. It supports a wide range of file types. You can refer to the following tutorial to recover deleted Viber chat history from iPhone to Mac, just as an example.

Back up more data from iPhone to computer

Except Viber messages, you can use the above iPhone data recovery program and its built-in tools to export more file types from your phone to computer, like Kik messages, WhatsApp chats. The procedure is almost the same. They work the same way, the design of these messenger backup tools looks almost the same.

Update Aug 2018: this article was originally published in Jun 2016 and has since been updated. screenshots were updated.

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