How to backup voice memos from iPhone to PC?

For some iOS users, iTunes is simply their iOS device backup app. Then do not use iTunes for other purposes. Like anything about software, you can find many alternatives to iTunes, from the simple to the complex. What I dislike about iTunes is that it’s difficult to use and it erases data on the phone.

If you want to backup personal files and documents from iPhone to PC in an easier and safer way, we recommend this iPhone data backup tool.

Many iPhone users use the Voice Memos app to record sound, lecture, speech, create voice reminders, create shopping list, to-do list and more. In this article, we’ll show you an easier way to transfer all voice memos from iPhone to PC quickly and import the sound recordings from iPhone to your media player on computer without iTunes.

Download the iPhone backup tool from previous linked page. Install it on your PC and run. You’ll see various tools from its home screen.

ios toolkit dcfon

This is a toolkit for iOS and Android, a collection of the most popular tools iOS and Android users like. Data backup and restore is just one of them. Click Backup & Restore from its home interface, then connect your iPhone to computer via USB. Click the Backup button, you’ll see a list of all types of content supported, such as photos, videos, music, voice memos, contacts, messages, call history, notes, calendars, voicemails, reminders, bookmarks.

backup voice memos iphone to computer using dcfon

Select Voice Memos, change the Backup Path to a new folder or drive optionally. Finally hit the Backup again to copy all your voice memos from iPhone to PC or Mac.

When you finished the export of iPhone voice memos, you can go to the home screen of the backup tool to view your backup history, select the backup file to view data included. You will have the options to export voice memos from the backup file to your computer hard drive or restore them from computer to your iPhone at a later time.

Play iPhone voice memos on computer

iPhone saves the voice memos as m4a files. You can play them using the Groove Music, default music player for Windows, iTunes, QuickTime Player and so on. If like, you can also convert the voice memos to MP3. To use your voice recordings as ringtones for iPhone, simply rename it from .m4a to .m4r, then sync the ringtones to iPhone via iTunes or other transfer tools. You can then find it at the ringtones list from the iPhone settings.

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