How to backup WhatsApp messages on Android Phones for Free?

whatsapp for mobileIt is easy to back up WhatsApp messages or chat history. There are different ways and tools you can use to save your WhatsApp chats or conversations on to computer or a cloud service. We have demonstrated how to backup WhatsApp Chats and messages on iPhone here. WhatsApp for Android has similar built-in features to backup your chat history, messages, conversations, documents and data. You do not need to download or install any third party apps in order to backup WhatsApp messages on Android phones, like Samsung, HTC, LG, Lenovo, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, Google, and more Android powered devices. You can choose to email WhatsApp conversation to load the WhatsApp chats offline and save a copy on to your computer for backup. You can also choose to make a backup or copy of your WhatsApp chat history on your phone or its SD card, so  you can restore WhatsApp any time you want. See this complete guide to backup WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone. And best of all you can backup WhatsApp chat history or messages without any fee, it is totally FREE.

How to backup WhatsApp messages on Android?

Step 1. Run WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp Messenger is cross-platform mobile messaging app for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. You can download WhatsApp Messenger from here.

Step 2. Open WhatsApp Settings

Run WhatsApp on your Android phone, then press the menu button on your phone to bring up the main menu in WhatsApp. Choose the Settings button to access WhatsApp settings panel.

whatsapp settings on android

Step 3. Open WhatsApp Chat Settings

In the Settings panel of WhatsApp on Android, you should find the Chat Settings item in the list from there. See below screen capture.
whatsapp chat settings on android

Step 4. Backup WhatsApp Conversations

Tap on Chat settings, you will now find the options to backup WhatsApp conversations on Android phones. There are two options you can choose if you want to export or transfer WhatsApp chat history. You can either transfer a backup of WhatsApp messages from Android to computer through email or back up WhatsApp chat history using the built-in backup tool and save a copy of WhatsApp conversations on your phone or its SD card. After that you will be able to plugin your Android phone to computer through USB, then copy the WhatsApp backup from Android to computer.
backup whatsapp conversations on android

Extra WhatsApp Backup Tips:

  • If you choose to backup WhatsApp messages by send a conversation to yourself then download the WhatsApp backup onto a PC or Mac, this method allows you to choose and send one conversation each time. If you have ten WhatsApp conversations/contacts like to backup, you need to repeat the same process ten times. Apparently this may not work out if you like full WhatsApp backup of all contacts or conversations.
  • The WhatsApp backup on Android can help you make full backups in just once. It is a batch backup solution. And later when you want to restore WhatsApp from backups, you can simply delete WhatsApp on your Android, download and install it again. During installation, the app will ask if you want to restore your conversations, that’s the chance you can restore WhatsApp from backups on your Android phone. You can find more tips to restore WhatsApp messages here.
  • If you have transferred the WhatsApp backup from Android to computer, you can transfer it back to the same Android device and restore WhatsApp from there. If you want to switch phone and restore WhatsApp to a new Android device, you can import the WhatsApp backup from computer to the new Android device, then restore the conversations on the target device. If the WhatsApp backup saved on your SD card with the old Android, you can simply uninstall and take out the SD card, then insert and install it to the new Android device and restore WhatsApp conversations on the target device from there.
  • If you deleted any data or file from WhatsApp without any backup, please refer to this guide to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backups on iPhone and this tutorial demonstrates how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backups on Android.

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