How to back up WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Mac?

Almost all mobile phone users have a chat app installed on their device. For iPhone users, the iMessage is built-in app comes with the iOS system which you can use to send free messages. However it is far from the best one. WhatsApp is now on the top of the must-have mobile phone messaging app list. It is so easy to use and with lots of useful features. For instance, you can send text messages, voice messages, make free calls, send photos, videos, and location info to your family and friends. Sometimes the files we received through WhatsApp could be very important and we may lose them unexpectedly. Better safe than sorry. We recommend you create backups of your Whatsapp chat history from time to time. You can back up WhatsApp to iCloud and host your chat history on the cloud hosting server with Apple, you can also choose to transfer messages and files from Whatsapp on iPhone to your computer. Windows users, can refer to this step-by-step tutorial to backup WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to PC. In this post, we will focus on iPhone to Mac WhatsApp chats backup.

How to back up WhatsApp from iPhone to Mac?

We will not show you how to back up WhatsApp data to computer using iTunes, which is difficult to use and the backup files are not accessible using third party software. Instead this iPhone data backup tool is highly recommended. This software was firstly designed to help iPhone users get back their lost or deleted data. More and more tools and features have been added with the constant development. Now the iPhone WhatsApp transfer, backup & restore tool can be found in it. You can download it now below.

iphone data backup restore Mac dcfon

Run this software on your Mac after installation. You will see various iPhone tools from its home screen. To transfer WhatsApp chats to computer, you need to click the Backup & Restore. Then click WhatsApp Backup & Restore from the left pane.

iphone whatsapp data transfer, backup, restore program for Mac dcfon

Find and click Backup WhatsApp Messages, connect iPhone to computer via USB if not yet, you will see a screen like below.

backup whatsapp chat history from iphone to Mac dcfon

Click on the Backup button to instantly back up WhatsApp chats, messages, photos, videos and more from iPhone to Mac.

When this iPhone WhatsApp backup for Mac has finished transferring your WhatsApp data from iPhone to Mac, you can view the backup contents and restore any item from this backup file. Click View Backup File button to preview data saved in the backup file. You can then export selected data to Mac, restore WhatsApp backup from Mac to iPhone or even restore iPhone WhatsApp backup to an Android device. 

view, export, restore iphone whatsapp chat history backup on Mac dcfon

Backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to computer – video demo

WhatsApp backup & restore FAQs

Can I save WhatsApp audios, music and recordings from iPhone?

Yes, this iPhone WhatsApp backup solution can also transfer audios, music, voice messages and recordings from iPhone to computer. You can find more details from this guide export audios and music from iPhone to computer.

Can I back up WhatsApp media files like photos and videos?

Yes, your photos and videos will be exported from iPhone to Mac along with your WhatsApp chat history and other files receive through WhatsApp.

How to find the WhatsApp backup files on computer?

If you like to find, open, transfer or edit the WhatsApp files or attachments on computer, you can go to Backup & Restore >> WhatsApp Backup & Restore >> Backup WhatsApp Messages, then click View Backup History, find the WhatsApp file in the list if you have create multiple backups. Click View, then preview, select and export data from the backup file to your Mac. Your files, like photos, videos, music will be saved as their original file format on Mac, you can open, view and edit them using corresponding software on computer. For instance, you can open the WhatsApp images using Preview on Mac, edit WhatsApp videos using iMovies on Mac, just to name a few. The WhatsApp messages will be save as HTML file, so you can open and view them using any web browser on your Mac, like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Why I can’t export WhatsApp data from backup file on Mac?

You will need to register this software using a license name and code first. The free trial version allows users to back up WhatsApp to computer and view WhatsApp backups on Mac. But in order to export Whatsapp backup to computer, you need to buy the full version.

Can I restore WhatsApp backup to iPhone?

Yes. But this feature is for registered users only. You can buy a license to get the license code, you can then register the software with the code to get full version.

What if I deleted WhatsApp messages without backups?

In this case, you will need to use this iPhone data recovery to scan your iPhone internal storage and recover deleted WhatsApp messages from iPhone directly. Due to the complexity of data recovery, the sooner you recover data, the higher chance you can get them back. For those WhatsApp files deleted long time ago, the chance to retrieve them is slim.

Can I backup SMS as well?

This WhatsApp chats transfer and backup tool comes with the iPhone data backup and restore program. It does not only backup your WhatsApp chat history, but also text messages and chat history via other third party messengers, like Viber, Line, Kik.

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Update Jun 2018: this article was originally published in Jun 2016 and has since been updated. in this update, the old screenshots were replaced by the new ones to reflect the change of the most recent version of the iPhone data backup software.

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