Backup WhatsApp Photos and Videos on Android Phones

WhatsApp is a great instant messenger. You can make free phone calls using WhatsApp, you can also send text, video, images, audio for free. It is more than just a chat app or instant messenger, a must-have app for all smartphone users. See how to transfer photos using WhatsApp, also this guide to transfer videos between mobile phones using WhatsApp. When you received some important photos and videos through WhatsApp on your Android phones, you may want to send them from Android phone to computer for backup. In this guide, we will be using Mobile Transfer to show how it can help WhatsApp user easily backup WhatsApp photos and videos from Android phones to computer.

Backup & transfer WhatsApp data
Don’t miss out this guide if you want to backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone or Android phones or this tutorial to transfer WhatsApp chat history from one Android phone to another.

Transfer WhatsApp Photos Videos Android to Computer via web

You can make use of WhatsApp for web for the data transfer. See this guide to transfer WhatsApp files to computer via WhatsApp for web. This is ideal if you only need to transfer or backup certain files, such as received photos, videos, audio messages, sound recordings in WhatsApp. For bulk data backup, check out the backup solution below.

Batch Export WhatsApp Photos, Videos Android to Computer

Step 1. Download Mobile Phone Data Recovery & Transfer

You can download this Android data recovery & transfer on to your PC or Mac for free. The Windows and Mac versions differ in appearance slightly. You can use it to extract WhatsApp files including messages, photos, videos and more from Android phones to PC or Mac.

Step 2. Connect Android phone to computer

You can connect up your Android device (phones or tablets) with computer through USB or your Wi-fi network. You will be prompted to enable USB debugging on the phone if not yet. Then you will see a file type selection screen where you can find all kinds of file types, such as photos, videos, contacts, messages and so on. You can transfer various files and data from mobile phone to computer. In this case, we are going to transfer WhatsApp photos and videos from Android to computer, so you just need to enable WhatsApp messages & attachments scan.
scan whatsapp messages and files on android phone

Step 3. Scan WhatsApp photos and videos from Android phone

The Android phone data recovery and software will not search for Whatsapp data on the Android phone, including your WhatsApp chat history, WhatsApp sent and received media files like photos, videos, audios, music, etc.

scanning whatsapp files and data on android mobile

Step 4. Backup WhatsApp photos, videos from Android to computer

Once the program finished scanning your Android phone and its external storage, you will see the scan result screen like below.

transfer whatsapp data from android phone to computer

Open the WhatsApp category from the left column, you can then preview all Whatsapp chats and messages, you can select and save any Whatsapp messages from mobile phone to computer from there. To save WhatsApp photos, videos, music and more files, you can go to the WhatsApp Attachments category, then preivew, select and export WhatsApp files and documents from Android phone to computer.

More WhatsApp Backup and Transfer Tips

It is good practise to backup your mobile apps and data regularly from Android devices to computer. So you can restore them in case of data loss. You can refer to this guide to backup WhatsApp chats history from Android to computer. However we can’t always manage to backup anything on the phone, sometimes we might delete files by mistake, sometimes there could be unexpected data loss such as SD card formatting, virus affection, etc. If you lost data without any backup, do not panic. You can still get the lost data back, see an example here: recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android phones.

You can also save photos and videos from WhatsApp to your Android phone. By default WhatsApp will automatically save media files to mobile phone. There is a media auto-download feature built-in WhatsApp can help you do that. You can go to enable it from Whatsapp settings if not yet. Then find them in the Gallery app on your mobile phone and send them from mobile phone to computer through emails, Dropbox and other tools. The solution to backup WhatsApp photos and videos on Android Phones above however has many advantages. Firstly it is faster than many other methods or tools; secondly it is powerful enough to save WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, music, audios and more files and data from Android to computer; thirdly it can not only transfer existing WhatsApp data to computer, but also recover deleted WhatsApp data on the phone; last but not least, it can transfer or recover many other data on your mobile, such as photos, videos, messages, contacts, call logs, documents. You can download the free version of this software and explore more useful features.

Update: this article was updated in 2017 with the WhatsApp files backup via WhatsApp for Web method so users can send WhatsApp received files from mobile phone to computer without any app or software installations on the phone or computer.

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    1. do you mean the Whatsapp media files or chat history? the Whatsapp chat history can’t be restored back to the phone. the whatsapp photos/videos can be copied over from PC to phone via USB.

  1. I have moto g from which I want to transfer my photos and videos from whatsapp

    1. you can try the software above. it is designed to retrieve deleted data from our mobile phones. but it can also transfer or backup existing data from cell phones to computer.

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