Batch edit, convert images in Windows using Snagit

Do you have lots of photos need to edit on PC? Other than editing one image at a time, you can actually edit or convert them in batches. Snagit is one of the most popular screen capture and editor. Except screen capture, video recording, we can also use it to capture text, record PC system audio, edit our pictures and videos, extract text from images and screenshots, etc. Today, we will use it to batch edit all photos at once in easy steps. Get Snagit here before we get started.

Put the group of photos you like to edit into the same folder. Run Snagit Editor on your PC. Click Library at the upper left corner to open the library. Here you can choose images, pictures from the library to convert or edit. You can also directly click Export button at the bottom right corner to open the Batch Export wizard without selecting any images from the library. Instead, we can click Add Files button to browse to the external folder where all the images we like to edit are saved and import them from your computer to Snagit Batch Export wizard.

Snagit Editor Batch Export - add files
Snagit Editor Batch Export – add files

Click Next button to proceed to the Apply Effects screen where you can convert full color pictures to grayscale, monochrome, invert colors, adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma, resize or scale images, rotate images, add border, add shadow, impose watermark, trim pictures, etc. See this guide to add watermarks to bulk of photos just as an example. There’s so much you can do to your photos and screenshots through various effects here.

Snagit Editor Batch Export - apply effects

In the next screen, we can specify the output directory, file format and file name.

Snagit Editor Batch Export - output directory, file format, file name
Snagit Editor Batch Export – folder, file name, file format

Hit Next button to view the Export Summary and optionally go back to make changes if like. Finally click Finish to convert, edit all the added photos, screenshots in a batch.

Snagit Editor Batch Export - summary
Snagit Editor Batch Export – summary

Open the destination directory to find all the images with all the changes made using the Snagit Editor.

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